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The thing about rugs is that you never know how valuable they are, how much they can change the look and feel of a room until you have to shop for one. And with all the spending and different elements involved in decorating a room, Accents@Home covers the best value for money rugs from your living room to your bedroom.

Before we get down to the 5 Top Rugs collection, here is a brief introduction on the types of rugs and the advantages of having one (or many) at your home.

There are numerous reasons why rugs are so popular, and yet some people may be uncertain as to whether they should cover up their beautiful floors with a rug.

The most obvious reason to have a rug is for its looks. Rugs have a unique way of bringing together all of the elements in a room. But the benefits of area rugs extend far beyond style. It significantly decreases the noise in your space and provides warmth as it has a greater insulating value than hard floors. Rugs provide better comfort as it is no secret that they are softer than hardwood floors or tiles.

There are 3 main broad types of Rugs:-

• Traditional

• Contemporary

• Transitional

Traditional Rugs:

traditional rugs

These are the Persian, Oriental and classic design area rugs used in traditional home décor. The designs and patterns are sometimes centuries old and they add a touch of elegance and luxury to any room.

Contemporary Rugs:

contemporary rugs

Contemporary rugs remind us of a piece of modern art. They often integrate bold colors, patterns and unusual design elements. Contemporary rugs are the perfect addition for a modern space.

Transitional Rugs:

Transitional rugs are a combination of both traditional and contemporary. They include elements from each style. Transitional rugs are very popular because they please a wide variety of tastes. .

Taking these factors into consideration along with all the customer reviews, we have compiled 5 top rug collections for you.

Avellino Rug:

The Avellino rug is a lavish blend of 20% Cotton and 80% Olefin Heat set. The diamond category is geometrically designed for the best visual effects and colors are custom made to perfection for efficient comfort and class. Capable to infuse any interior with serenity, the Avellino collection is a work of art that blends and complements any décor in the room. It is made with high-quality fibres and its production is friendly to the environment.

Available in: 9x10 - 8x11 - 7x10 - 5x8 – 27" Wide Runner.

avellino rugs collection 1 avellino rugs collection 2 avellino rugs collection 3

Sydney Rug:

The Sydney collection features its complexity and style. Enhanced by the drop-stitch pile, it expresses a timeless design with a soft and tender texture when touched. Evocative of a painted landscape, this abstract area rug collection makes a statement with serene pastoral hues and hits of grey.

The blended yarn, consisting of 20% Cotton and 80% high-grade Polyester, provides an incredibly soft touch, easy maintenance that makes this piece ideal for medium, to heavy traffic areas.

This collection is available in the following sizes: 9x12 - 8x11 - 7x10 - 5x8 - 27" Wide Runner.

sydney rugs collection 1 sydney rugs collection 2 sydney rugs collection 3

Luna Collection:

The Luna collection is awash in painterly splashes of both soft and vibrant colors. Just like an abstract painting, the Luna collection portrays designs that are meticulously made to suit all modern decors. These are a great option for rounding up any room. The collection features a mixture of silky viscose yarn and high-grade polyester creating the perfect foundation for contemporary living spaces. All our Luna rugs are designer favorites, bound to bring both luxury and elegance to your living space. This beauty is available in sizes: 5’x7’ and 7’6”x10’3

luna collection 1 luna collection 2 luna collection 3

Stella Collection:

The Stella collection was made to resemble the subtle interplay of colors found in watercolor paintings. Inspired by the architecture of the Roman Empire, this beautiful collection brings luxury and class to any living space. The Stella collection is made with a mixture of silky viscose and high-grade polyester, determined to last in any type of traffic space. The Stella collection plays with both high and low pile on the face of the rug, bringing a sense of 3D structure, something that is generally found in one of a kind, Persian hand-knotted rugs. Simply put, the Stella collection is a perfect mix of classy, luxury and elegance all in one.

stella collection 1 stella collection 2 stella collection 3

Allure Collection:

This eye-catching collection uses soft grey tones with splashes of vibrant colors, adding life and beauty to any living space. The Allure collection was made with 100% high-grade polyester, making this collection dust free and ideal for any type of traffic. The Allure collection is quite easy to maintain and is an ideal quality for anyone that is allergic to dust. The patterns in the Allure collection interplays with the concept of broken classic designs and abstract ideology. If your space feels dull and lifeless, this is the collection for you! It is bound to be the focal point of the room, bringing beauty and elegance to any living space.

allure collection 1 allure collection 2 allure collection 3

All the above-mentioned rugs can be found in Accents@Home store. Feel free to visit our three large showrooms located at Brentwood Mall in Burnaby, Coquitlam Center in Coquitlam and in Tsawwassen Mills. All our locations are conveniently located inside Malls and are easily accessible via sky train or bus.

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