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Are you in desperate need of more storage space in your living room, family room, dining room, or elsewhere in your home? If you need a whole lot more storage capacity than a simple console table can provide, but not enough room for a bulkier furniture piece like a sideboard or buffet, try a functional yet stylish storage cabinet or accent chest.

Storage Cabinets & Accent Chests

Accent cabinets and chests provide an unmatched combination of functional storage and stylish good looks, letting you shop for the features you care about, like an accent cabinet with doors in a style that meshes with your existing décor. Whether you're hoping to find a living room cabinet that can showcase your family photos and travel mementos or need some more storage room in an already crowded apartment, Accents@Home offers any number of small cabinets and accent chests that let you express your unique style but still get the job done.


Storage Cabinet & Accent Chest Designs & Types

Add a touch of elegance to your space with a new storage cabinet!

While the distinction between chests and cabinets is often misunderstood, cabinets generally feature doors that conceal inside shelving while chests contain pull out drawers for storage. The line between chest and cabinet can oftentimes become murky with furniture pieces that stack door-concealed shelving atop drawers or vice versa. Whether you're looking for an elegant bombe chest or perhaps browsing through our selection of classic lingerie chests, our selection covers the full spectrum of large mirrored chests and small cabinets alike.

Add a touch of elegance to your space with a new accent chest or decorative storage cabinet with doors today!


Where to shop for Cabinets on a budget?

Find a large selection of Cabinets at Affordable Prices!

It is never easy to find Affordable Furnitures and Cabinets that also look great, and with so many Stores in Vancouver the searching is a challenge! But don’t you worry, Accents@Home did a selection of the best Cabinets and Storage Solution Furnitures in town, with a price comparison! Now you can match your budget with the best product you can afford!

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