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The living room requirements of different homes are definitely not the same and we at Accents@Home understand this perfectly. Whether you are living with a family or on your own, the need and use for the same furniture may differ. However, the one thing that does not change is the need for comfort in a home. Coming back after a long day, it is the comfort offered by the home that helps us relax. Keeping this in mind, we at Accents@Home bring to you our wide range of sectional sofas and other comfortable furniture.

The SOHO Sectional Left Right Thistle

Picture yourself taking in the comfort of Soho Sectional Leather Gel in Steel Gray – our best seller. This L-shaped sectional sofa has been designed keeping only word in mind – comfort! It doesn’t just provide physical comfort to the user but also provides the comfort of convenience. The Soho Sectional is also the perfect size for condos and small homes. So you definitely don’t have to stress about whether it’ll fit in your space or not unlike most conventional Sectional Sofas. Every aspect of the sofa that you see, shows the attention to detail so that you get the ultimate sectional sofa for your living room. Starting with the adjustable head rest to allow you to find the best position for placing your head while watching TV or just simply relaxing. Once you find the most comfortable position, the cushion padding of the backrest lets you sink in to relaxation instantly. Do you have unexpected guests coming over or just love to lounge in your living room? No problem! Our Soho Sectional is also a pull-out sofa bed and the chaise doubles as a storage! So it’s not just a sectional sofa, it is also a sofa bed and a storage sofa bed.

Once you decide to go in for the comfort of Soho Sectional Storage chaise sleeper, you don’t need to worry about its longevity or lifespan. The flexible webbing carefully placed on the tempered steel springs ensure that you do not face the problem of sagging cushions in your sectional couch causing you discomfort. What about the durability of the L-shaped sectional sofa? The premium hardwood and plywood used in the frame ensure that once you bring it home, the comfort of Soho Sectional Storage Sofa-bed is yours to enjoy to its fullest for a long time. And when you are getting so much comfort in using the product, do you think we would have forgotten the comfort of maintaining this L-shaped sectional sofa? Certainly not! We at Accents@Home, believe in delivering our promise in all aspects. Hence, this amazing sectional couch is covered in breathable PU which is durable as well as very easy to clean with water and mild soap.

The SOHO Sectional Black

Our Soho sectional sofa utilizes “Leather Gel”, the most innovative artificial leather product on the market. Leather Gel has many benefits as well. It has leather in the face of fabric, it has significantly better wear and hydrolysis performances than most artificial leathers. It amazingly can exceed approximately 130,000 double rubs. Its hydrolysis testing is done over 5 years, it is breathable with its current construction and backing. It as also actually better for the consumer’s health because it eliminates the use of DMF. And lastly, it has the feel of a high-end leather but at an affordable price. So, stop worrying about anything and everything and enjoy your sectional couch from Accents@Home.

The SOHO Sectional Swatches

Our Soho Sectional Storage Sofa-bed also comes in lots of different fabric options to choose from like Winchester Gray, Shark, Popstich Metal, Popstich Dove, Winchester Java, Winchester Dove, Thistle, Steel, Black, and finally White.(you can refer to our swatches down below). It is also available to order in left facing configuration and right facing configuration. If you’re planning on moving to a new home and would love to take the Soho Sectional with you, all you have to do is detach it in the middle and just like that, the Soho is divided into two smaller parts and you can easily fit it inside a moving van and transport it into your new home -- no mess, no fuss!

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If you would like to come see and experience the comfort of the Soho Sectional Pull-out Bed, you can easily do so by visiting one of our stores across Greater Vancouver. All our locations are accessible because we are located in 4 main malls or shopping outlets so you don’t have to worry about transit or parking. If you’re living in Burnaby, check out our amazing and spacious Accents@Home showroom in Brentwood Town Center. And if you’re in Coquitlam, make sure to check out Accents@Home inside Coquitlam Town Center. If you’re in Richmond, come visit our shop located inside Richmond Center (it may be our smallest location but we’re confident that you’ll still find what you’re looking for with the help of our amazing staff!). And finally, if you live a little farther out or if you’re thinking of driving down to Tsawwassen Mills Outlet Mall on the weekend, our flagship store (our biggest location) will be ready to cater to your every need!

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