3 Factors to Consider Before Adding a Rug to Your Living Room

3 Factors to Consider Before Adding a Rug to Your Living Room

Nov 03, 2021HeadStartt Co.

Rugs are excellent additions to any living space. Besides providing a bit of design to the room, it also acts as a multi-tasking add-on with numerous benefits. Rugs are recognized as one of the best air filtration systems for trapping dust, dirt, and other allergens or contaminants that may harm the people living in the household.

Placing a rug where most gather for leisure or fun is ideal, especially for families that recently moved into their new home. Without calling a contractor to install carpet flooring, a rug may become their saving grace in the meantime.

However, before laying out the carpet to use, are there factors that affect its placement in the house? Here are some ideas.

1. Size

On average, living rooms can be as small as 12x18 feet and as big as 22x28 feet. If you’d think of it, there should be enough space to squeeze in a rug somewhere within the room. However, it’s essential to think about the proportions of the carpet and how it will look after laying it out.

Rugs come in various sizes, fitting in every living room possible. The most common dimensions are 5x8, 8x10, and 9x12 feet—on average, most living rooms can cater to at least an 8x10 feet rug. It’s best to go safe and choose the average size of the living room space.

Meanwhile, if the house has large or oversized pieces of furniture, it’s best to orient the rug along the room’s shape to create visual flow. If possible, maintain an equal amount of space around the rug’s sides to allow people to walk around it freely. A broad area of at least 8 to 24 inches of exposed flooring should be good enough.

2. Location

Contrary to popular belief, rugs shouldn’t always go in the center of the living space. Instead, its location will depend on the furniture pieces in the room to avoid leaving an awkward and empty space somewhere else.

The rug’s location must complement the overall look of the space. Meaning, it should co-exist with the furniture and existing layout of the room. If you’d like to center the rug, place it in the middle of the furniture piece in the center of the room—not make it the center in itself.


Aside from the location, the rug’s arrangement is also a crucial factor to consider. There are four ways to arrange the carpet: all legs off, front legs on, all legs on, and rounded arrangement. The positions refer to how a piece of furniture may stand on top of the rug.

“All legs off” offer the kind of arrangement that welcomes openness, suitable for small spaces. Meanwhile, “front legs on” open small living spaces to more oversized rugs without ruining the overall look. “All legs on” allows homeowners to fit a vast carpet in a massive space while designating a specific living space for open plans. Lastly, “rounded arrangements” are for those willing to break the standards using a round rug.


Overall, rugs are excellent additions to any living space. But they do require masterful planning and arranging to ensure that they fit well within the living room. It will help to follow specific guidelines or consider some factors before unrolling a rug in the room. Also, keep in mind that rugs may need or require constant cleaning or scheduled maintenance to ensure they’re safe for your health at home.

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