3 Tips for Choosing Chests of Drawers for Your Bedroom - Our Guide

3 Tips for Choosing Chests of Drawers for Your Bedroom - Our Guide

Sep 16, 2020Accents Home

A bedroom feels complete when it has accents and home furniture like bookshelves, a vanity, and a chest of drawers. These storage solutions are both stylish and functional, and they lend character to your space. Here we will discuss how to find the best chest of drawers for a bedroom.

This furniture provides rooms with visual depth since they sit higher than beds and bedside tables. If your room does not have space for accent tables, this type of furniture can function as your bedside storage. It is a great place to store items that do not need to hang like socks, t-shirts, bed linen, and towels. You can also keep your gadgets and books on it.

How do I choose a chest of drawers for my room?

When choosing furniture for your room, planning is essential. You don't want to get a piece that turns out to be smaller or larger than the space you set for it or something that does not fit your room's style. Here are a few tips to help you select the best accent pieces for your space.

Measure your furniture

Typically, a chest of drawers is 96 centimetres long, and some reach as far as 116 centimetres. The drawers themselves can be anywhere from 7.5 to 40 centimetres; since there is a range of options available, make sure the drawers you choose are anywhere from 40 to 55 centimetres deep. 

A small bedroom looks better with a slim bureau since this allows you to maximize your storage space without taking up too much room. A low chest of drawers is better for a child's room since the drawers need to be accessible.

Consider the number of drawers

If you have shelves or cabinets in your room, the number of drawers might not matter a lot; however, if this is your only storage space, you have to plan how you will use each drawer. 

A single-column chest of drawers is the standard, but some variants are split in the middle. Visually, odd-numbered drawers are more striking than even-numbered ones, so you might want to take that into account as well.

Match the drawers' style with the room

Raw and grainy furniture creates a rustic look. This type of accent piece complements industrial finishes and white furniture. It would also fit a child's room, especially if you aren't keen on using multicoloured pieces.

Meanwhile, using glossy drawers gives your home a polished look, which is best for highly stylized, urban residences. The darker your furniture, the more glamorous and masculine it looks; opt for deeply-coloured wood if you want to evoke luxury.

People with an eye for style can also mix and match pieces with different colours and textures. A white bed, for instance, looks great with a mirrored chest. An ornate headboard could be an excellent counterpoint to a rustic piece. If you're not one for experimentation, you can keep to one style and colour scheme, and it will still look great.


Your furniture should come together and create a cohesive look for your space. Size, proportion, and style are all significant factors that determine how put-together your bedroom appears. Before committing to a purchase, get inspiration from blogs, magazines, and even online resources to choose and style accent pieces like these.

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