5 Benefits of Using Area Rugs

5 Benefits of Using Area Rugs

Jul 08, 2020Accents Home

Have you moved your furniture around countless times because the room doesn’t seem to feel right? You can fill a room with several armchairs, credenzas, or side tables, and it still won’t seem to be enough. One of the major pieces to the puzzle you may be missing is an area rug.

Area rugs are large, dominating expanses of woven material that can add comfort and sophistication to any space. A carefully chosen carpet can enhance the look and feel of any room. Rugs are typically made from a variety of durable materials like wool, jute, cotton, or even silk. Some designs are intricate patterns, while others are simple and plain. You can find almost any area rug in any style to fit your decor.

If you have doubts about what a well-placed carpet can do for your space, here are several benefits that may help convince you:

1. They can define a space

Area rugs are an especially useful design trick if you have an open plan living area. You can break up a monotonous space by sectioning it with carpeting. You can use area rugs to define a sitting area, a dining area, or a reading nook. Use the carpet as the centrepiece, and you can make each portion of the room feel like its own private space.

2. They can tie your design together

The carpeting can anchor the design of a room. If you have several pieces of furniture with neutral colours, the rug can be an accent piece that adds interest and depth to your space. Since it occupies a large amount of the visual field, the rug will draw a lot of attention. You can choose a muted pattern or neutral colour to unify vastly different chairs and tables, or you can complement plain, boring sofas with a busier design.

3. They can protect your flooring

Aside from improving the space visually, area rugs can function as padding for furniture, especially pieces that tend to slide or skid as you sit or use them. Carpets add a buffer between the legs of an armchair and your precious hardwood floor. If you have ever moved your furniture around and found ghastly scratch marks, you will benefit from laying down the carpet to prevent this.

4. They provide added safety

Aside from preventing furniture from sliding, they can keep you or your young children from accidents as well. They can also avoid the occasional coffee cup from shattering. Area rugs can absorb the impact of a misstep so you won’t have to.

5. They can absorb sound

One of the most significant benefits of area rugs is its ability to absorb sound waves. If you have ever been to a recording studio, you will find the floors and walls covered in a variety of rugs. This is because the thick material can reduce noise and keep sound waves from escaping from the space. If you live in an apartment building, soundproofing may be especially useful for you. It can also come in handy if you have a home theatre system or you enjoy playing music loudly.

Area carpets are an excellent versatile design option for any home. You can scale the size of most carpets depending on your needs. Whether traditional, contemporary, or modern in design, the area rug is the best addition to any space in your home. 

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