5 Considerations for Setting the Perfect Table for Thanksgiving

5 Considerations for Setting the Perfect Table for Thanksgiving

Nov 25, 2020HeadStartt Co.

If you are hosting this year's Thanksgiving, you probably want to make sure that everything would look perfect for your family and friends. Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, keep in mind that the dining room is the center of the celebration. As such, your dinnerware and decor are some of the few key elements that you have to remember to pull together a festive tablescape. 

Here are five major decisions that you need to nail to achieve that gorgeous holiday spread:

1. Choosing the Table

Your priority for Thanksgiving should be a tablespace big enough to cater to seating all your family and friends. Before rushing to your preferred furniture stores in Vancouver, consider how many people you’re having over.

For small, intimate get-togethers, a table capable of seating four to six people is already perfect. However, depending on how many people you invite, your Thanksgiving meal may require a bigger space to work with!

The rectangular table epitomizes a traditional setting, and it will naturally seat more of your guests as compared to a circular table. However, you have another option of accommodating more guests by choosing a drop-leaf table that can cater more than your average table setting. 

If the occasion requires more guests coming over, then the only viable option is using multiple tables to accommodate everyone.

2. Matching the Right Chairs

Aside from having a gorgeous table setting, you should not forget about the type of chair style that would complement them. It is of great importance that your chair should match your table.

Wood tones are much easier to mix and match with your table setting as they bring in natural and autumnal elements that would complement any table style.

Having mismatched chairs for your tables is no big deal. However, Thanksgiving is an important holiday that is steeped in tradition. If it is impossible to match your chairs and tables, then dining chair slipcovers or oversized bows can be the next big thing. To achieve a consistent look, you can tie the bow to the back of the dining chairs.

3. Dressing up the Table

If you need to match your chairs and dining table, you can dress up the table in various ways.

Be creative in thinking about which tablecloth to use. A full tablecloth will give you coverage and is also best in hiding an unpleasant sight, such as a table made of plastic with an overly scratched or worn surface. Tablecloths with patterns of plaid, burlap, or gingham can easily solve your problem while giving a humble touch to a great Thanksgiving.

4. Finding the Best Table Runner

If your table is already in perfect shape, then you certainly need to show it off! A tablecloth isn't necessary anymore. Simply adding a table runner would be great!

Place it at the center to add a festive colour scheme while at the same time, letting the center of attraction for this occasion shine. Don't forget to add placemats to highlight and dress up your table and set things off.

5. Serving Festive Food and Fancy Serveware 

The best decoration for Thanksgiving isn't your dining table or your chairs. The best ones are your favourite Thanksgiving dishes! The colour and texture of your dishes for this occasion will surely complement any table arrangement.

It is best to match the food with neutral dishes to avoid the contradiction of all the colours. Too many competing colours can become a bit of an eyesore. Breaking out your bone china is a nice way to mark the occasion as well! When you beautifully add the richly glazed platters, ladles, gravy boats, and cheese boards, expect that these will further enhance your Thanksgiving celebration.

Now that you've got an idea on how to put them all together, it's time to sit back, relax, and just enjoy all the appreciation for hosting a nicely done Thanksgiving party!


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