5 Fantastic Design Ideas to Use in Your Living Room

5 Fantastic Design Ideas to Use in Your Living Room

Oct 07, 2020Accents Home

There is no room in a house that is unimportant. Every room serves a function to make a home a more comfortable and welcoming place for its residents. The living room is no exception. It is the first place to welcome both residents and guests, and it is often where a family goes to unwind. 

Your living room needs the right accents and home furniture for it to do that job effectively. To that end, we have created this list of tips to decorate and renovate your living room. With no further ado, here they are:

  1. Custom trim work

Even just the subtlest trim work can make your accents and furniture pop. It can give the ceiling, fireplace, doorways, and windows the touch of style the room needs. It can add that feeling of elegance and class to an otherwise mundane space.

  1. Create the illusion of space

The last thing you want anyone to feel in your living room is confined and cramped. As such, you can take advantage of specific design techniques that make the room seem bigger than it really is. Here are some of those techniques:

  • Painting all the walls and the ceiling white
  • Placing a ceiling-to-floor mirror opposite a window, which also serves the purpose of generating more light and making the room airier
  • Using smaller pieces of furniture for less overcrowding
  • Installing built-in storage shelves to minimize clutter
  1. Let in the light 

There is nothing that makes a space pop more than natural lighting. With the right-sized windows, you can create an airy space that is comforting to be in. A skylight is also a wonderful idea if your living room falls directly under a roof. Just make sure to use thermal glass coatings that block UV rays, so your floor, accents, and furniture don’t get sun-bleached.

  1. Choose the right flooring

Wooden flooring gives a classic sense of grandeur to the room. It can make a room seem larger while providing a beautiful and natural charm. The great thing about wood flooring is that it can go with any colour without any problems. 

For comfort, you can also choose a carpet. Different carpet options can have different effects on your accents and furniture, and they can draw attention to different parts of the room. 

  1. Create a focal point 

A focal point is where people’s eyes are drawn to in the room. For most living rooms, it is usually the television or coffee table, which can feel inviting and create a sense of community. In some houses, a fireplace gives off a sense of welcome and warmth. You can create your own focal point, depending on what type of feeling you want your guests and family to experience when they see it. 

Final thoughts

Whatever your aesthetic preference and whatever the size of your home, it is important to use design techniques that make it a welcoming and comfortable space. With the right home accents and furniture, you can have the fantastic living room (and home) you’ve been dreaming of. 

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