6 Dos and Don’ts for Adding an Area Rug in Your Home

6 Dos and Don’ts for Adding an Area Rug in Your Home

Nov 17, 2021Abhishek Gupta

An area rug is an accent rug that can be a perfect alternative to wall-to-wall carpeting. Aside from their appearance that elevates the aesthetic and overall feel of your room, they are reasonably easy to maintain, and they are a functional decor that can help you anchor furniture in place.

Another great thing about area rugs is that they are less of a commitment. Unlike installing an entire carpet for your entire room, you can switch out your area rugs whenever you are in the mood for some redecorating.

To make your area work well, there are some interior design rules you have to follow. Keep on reading to learn more about some valuable dos and don’ts about area rugs.

DO: Make Sure You Keep It Clean

Before you buy any rug, make sure you study its maintenance needs carefully. Go through the cleaning instructions and the material specifications. For instance, materials like jute, natural fiber, and sisal are inexpensive but cannot be cleaned easily.

So, if you spill anything on your area rug, you have to replace it instead. For best results, be sure to weigh your options and balance the initial cost with future maintenance expenses.

DON’T: Place Your Area Rugs in Dangerous Places

You should have to be careful when placing your rug on critical spots in your home. If you’re thinking about high-traffic and sensitive areas like your dining room, you may have to reconsider.

Even the best materials for rugs can be challenging to clean and maintain. It’s best to place it in light traffic areas, especially if you have children or pets at home. You cannot control what your family does, so be careful with your choice of rug placement.

DO: Leave Some Space around Your Area Rug

Once you find a suitable area for your rug, remember to leave the right amount of space on all sides of your rug, around eight to 24 inches. On average, you can go with 18 inches, but you can go as narrow as 8 in smaller spaces.

DON’T: Skimp on Size

One of the common mistakes people make when picking out an area rug is going too small. It might be tempting to go with an inexpensive rug in a small size, but remember that it’s more economical to go big now instead of replacing it later. Evaluate your space and measure your floors to make informed purchase decisions.

DO: Extend Area Rugs under Furniture

When selecting an area rug, ensure that it extends under the most critical pieces of furniture. For example, the rug must be large enough to cover the chairs and the tables in the dining room, even when you pull out the chairs.

DON’T: Be Shy in Choosing Colors and Patterns

Area rugs are perfect for inserting a pop of color and playfulness into a room. While shopping, embrace vivid colors, textures, and patterns. Think about what designs will complement the other furnishings in the room and unleash your creativity. After all, you can always replace your rug every couple of years if you’re in the mood for redecorating.

Final Thoughts

Area rugs are perfect for enhancing a room, and they can be powerful design tools that will complement the other decor in your home. No matter what area rug you choose, following these considerations can help you extend its lifespan and make it work best for your preferred aesthetic.

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