7 Interior Design Tips for a Better Living Space

7 Interior Design Tips for a Better Living Space

Feb 10, 2021HeadStartt Co.

Your home speaks multitudes of the kind of lifestyle you have and are comfortable with. From the way you position your sofa to the colors of the drapes that you chose for your home, every little detail matters.

It only makes sense to make sure that your home looks and feels exactly how you want it to be. As such, any unnecessary elements should be removed or shelved at once! 

Here are a couple of things you should consider changing to make your home the ideal living space you’ve always dreamed of.

Get rid of window treatments and embrace natural light

Whenever a guest walks into your house, the very first thing they will notice is the amount of gloom or glow there is in your living room.

As such, taking advantage of natural light to make a room look larger and well-lit should be your priority. Get rid of any window treatment that prevents your room from basking in the light of day.

Choose warm light bulbs over harsher whites

If natural light is better during the day, a soft, warm lightbulb works best at night. The softer light adds warmth to your room, giving it a cozier look and feel. It evokes the feeling of sitting in front of a warm hearth surrounded by your loved ones.

Don’t bother using rugs that are too small

It doesn’t matter how expensive or how elegant the carpet area rug looks. If it’s too small for your room or your furniture, it shouldn’t be there. Having an awkwardly small rug that doesn’t cover enough of your dining room floor or your sofa makes a room look cheap.

Matching couch sets aren’t always a good idea

In many cases, a matching sofa and loveseat will eventually appear dated after some time. Remember, you’re living in a house and not a furniture showroom. You don’t want to buy new furniture every year or so just to avoid this. Consider a more tailored look and replace your love seat with other pieces that highlight your couch.

Swap out pillows that match your sofa

It’s the same with your matching sofa set—not everything needs to be uniform in colour and looks. You should play with texture, patterns, and colours that accentuate your sofa. Throw away those matching pillows and go get some accents that will make your living room a lot less boring.

Never put your TV above the fireplace

The fireplace is where you typically spend most of your time hanging out with your family and friends. While that may be true, putting a TV above the fireplace may not be a good idea! It can become a fire hazard without you knowing it. 

Placing it elsewhere lets you enjoy a moment with your family by the fireplace without any distractions.

Dying plants don’t deserve a place in your home

Adding greenery to any room in your house livens up your space and gives it a pop of colour. However, if those plants are either dying or just accumulating dust, then you’re better off without them.

Final Thoughts

Making sure your home looks and feels like a living space that you would like to actually live in is the ultimate goal. If you always get tired of how your house looks, then giving some of these tips a try will work wonders in your home.

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