7 Rug Styles That Bring Sophistication to Your Living Space

7 Rug Styles That Bring Sophistication to Your Living Space

Nov 24, 2021Abhishek Gupta

Rugs do many great things for your living space. Practically speaking, they protect floorboards from scratches and damage from stools, tables, and pointed shoes. They also bring warmth since their material absorbs and distributes heat wherever located.

Visually speaking, rugs anchor the furniture they’re paired with, be it in a bedroom or living room space. They complete an area’s atmosphere with a similar or contrasting look. Area rugs are stylish furniture your home needs if you want to elevate its interior design!

Providentially, there are different kinds to choose from to suit your preferences. Here are seven rug styles that could bring sophistication to your living space.

Natural Materials

  • Wool

Wool is the most popular choice because they’re the most durable material and versatile. These rugs can handle footfall while being comfortable when stepping barefoot. You can have them made or dyed in various colors and hold their color and shape for a long time.

Wool rugs are also liquid repellant due to their thickness. They draw moisture to themselves and remain easy to clean!

  • Jute and Sisal

Much like wool, jute and sisal rugs are sturdy enough to accommodate textures and weaves. These materials are perfect for homes or office spaces where inhabitants are allergic to wool. The only con of jute and sisal rugs is that they are not as soft as other materials in this list.

  • Silk and Viscose Rugs

Compared to jute and sisal, silk and viscose area rugs are soft, easy to dye, and luxurious to look at! More a statement piece of furniture than functional, silk and viscose rugs are the kinds you bring out along with the expensive china when important guests are around or when you just want to impress home visitors.

  • Cotton

Looking for a wool rug but don’t have the budget for it? This is where cotton rugs come in handy! They’re more affordable than wool and have a more casual look.

But a lower price doesn’t mean they’re not durable. They are sturdy enough for dyeing to get the colors you want. Plus, they’re not a pain in the wallet when you want to replace it with something different, like...

Synthetic Materials

  • Polyester

Polyester area rugs are the most common in the retail industry. This material lends itself well to bleaching, fading, and dying. They’re sturdy and affordable too, hence why they are the favorites of manufacturers and customers.

However, do not expect these designs to last since they are one of the most low-cost carpets in the market. They are also not as stain-resistant as wool (oil stains will remain permanent).

  • Nylon

The beauty of nylon area rugs is they are endlessly customizable. They can be made from an infinite variety of colors and sizes according to customer specifications. Dirt and crumb-resistant when your kids and pets play on them, nylon is a material that’s easy to clean.

  • Olefin

Those looking for a rug that feels like wool but doesn’t cost as much opt for olefin. They are made from polypropylene, a material designed to be soft, comfortable and mimic the look and feel of natural fibers.

Olefin rugs are stain-resistant, color-absorbent, and durable, too! These qualities make them a favorite furniture piece on a patio or outside area. However, take note that olefin is not mark-resistant. Creases left by table and chair legs will remain. It is best to use them solely as visual décor.

The Last Cut

Whether you choose natural or synthetic rugs, these pieces of cloth will complete and elevate your home’s interior design. Take your pick from the seven choices above based on your preferences and budget to bring sophistication to your living space.

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