A 6 - Step Guide to Cleaning Leather Furniture Properly

A 6 - Step Guide to Cleaning Leather Furniture Properly

Dec 02, 2020HeadStartt Co.

Your house contains different kinds of furniture that you and your family use regularly, so it’s only essential that you make sure to take care of them and maintain their excellent condition. If you own a white leather sofa, alongside other kinds of home furniture, then you need to learn how to clean them properly to keep your home looking spiff and fresh.

While it can be hard to avoid the fact that your couches and chairs will deteriorate eventually, you can slow down the process and improve your furniture’s state for the long haul. Take note that leather furniture, in particular, will require more care than others, as you will need to make sure its material is soft and moisturized to prevent it from developing cracks and tears.

Keep reading below to find out how to clean out your leather couches and other home furnishings correctly, so you can expect to continue benefiting from your furniture for the years to come. That way, you don’t have to find yourself furniture shopping every few years, eventually saving you on unnecessary expenses!

Use the Right Materials 

When it comes to wiping your leather furniture clean, you will need to prepare the proper cleaning supplies to ensure you remove all the dirt and stains completely. You will need a saddle soap, water, leather cream, a soft fabric cloth, rubbing alcohol, and some cotton swabs.

Apply Soap and Water

Begin by mixing soap and warm water and dipping your soft cloth into it so that you can use it to wipe away the milder stains found on your leather furniture. Saddle soaps are used specifically for leather items, so if you have them on-hand, then it’s time to start scrubbing it up.

But if you come across harsher spots that are more difficult to remove, you can utilize a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to get rid of the pesky stain. Make sure to apply it only on the affected region and avoid letting it drip across your entire leather sofa—this could potentially ruin the material, so be careful! 

Dry Out the Leather 

After wiping your furniture with a soapy cloth, grab a soft new fabric to wipe it dry. This is essential to prevent mildew from occurring! If you want to make sure your couch or chair is completely dry before you use it, you can leave it be for the whole night and only go back to your daily routine of sitting on the sofa or your ottoman the next day.

Utilize a Leather Cream

If you want your furniture to shine and look as if it’s brand new, you can spread leather cream all over it using a clean cloth. Allow it to sink into the furniture for a while before you wipe it all over the chair.

Moisturize Your Leather Furniture

Leather furnishings that are slowly showing signs of distress should be moisturized regularly to keep your couches and chairs soft and eliminate visible scratches. Learn to apply the product sparingly and focus on one part of the furniture before proceeding with treating the entire thing.

Keep Pets Off the Leather Couch

It’s crucial to keep your dogs and pets off your leather furniture at all times, as they will, more often than not, find a way to cause damage to it. They tend to scratch, claw, and dig through the material, so it’s best to keep your leather furnishings off-limits from your furry friends.


With proper care and handling, you can expect your leather furniture to have an extended lifespan, which you can benefit from for a long time. If you experience any incidents that can’t be taken care of by regular cleaning, you can consider going to a furniture repair shop to let a professional look into your situation and provide the necessary treatment.

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