Before You Purchase a Sofa: 4 Buying Tips to Consider

Before You Purchase a Sofa: 4 Buying Tips to Consider

May 19, 2021HeadStartt Co.

A sofa can be an excellent accent piece for your living room, bedroom, or patio. Wherever you decide to place it in your home, a sofa will find a place to belong. Unfortunately, some homeowners are still making poor choices when buying their furnishing options. This struggle is why it’s important to remind them of a couch’s basic features when purchasing specific pieces of furniture.

Are You Buying the Right Sofa?

Sofas, for example, are similar in scale to dining sets and coffee tables. Since they take a considerable amount of space, they’ll be a focal point of any interior or exterior environment. For this reason, they will stick out like a sore thumb if you purchase the wrong product. You can take note of some key features to ensure that you’re buying the right sofa for your home.

Before you buy a new sofa, here are four things you need to consider:

1. Measurements

Most homeowners focus only on the dimensions of space they want to fill in their home. This can be a crucial mistake that will require you to return many of your purchases. Instead of simply finding something that fits the free space you have, you should also consider entry points along the way. Doorways, corridors, and even staircases are just some of the places you’ll have to drag your new sofa through. For this reason, you must ensure that what you buy will fit these tight areas.

It’s generally a safe option to use a current or old sofa’s measurement as a reference when buying a new one. However, no two sofas have the exact same measurements, so you should allot some allowance when browsing furniture stores.

2. Style Options

Once you have your sofa's measurements on hand, you can now compare different sofa styles that will fit your home’s needs. While the design of your new couch has to match where you’ll place it, another crucial feature you should consider is its purpose. Remember that there are different variations of sofas, from foldable sofa beds to sectional sofas. Keep this in mind when looking for the kind of sofa you want to buy.

3.Fabric Options

Besides looking at your sofa’s style, you should also double-check its fabric. Remember that people will regularly use your sofa, so it’s crucial to choose a durable material. Delicate fabric can appear enticing as a decorative piece but look unsightly after just a few months of use. Additionally, selecting a specific type of fabric will warn you if certain stains are problematic and what cleaning methods your sofa is compatible with.

4. Feel and Comfort

Sofas shouldn’t just fulfill an aesthetic function to your living spaces; they should also be comfortable to sit on. This is why shopping for sofas online isn’t the best solution if you can’t try it out in person. If you can’t get a feel of what it’s like to sit on your new sofa, it’ll be troublesome to return after going through the hassle of payment and shipping. It’s best to choose a furniture store that can let you try their products before you commit to buying from them.


It’s easier to narrow down your sofa options if you have a specific set of requirements in mind. By noting the key features above, you can create a checklist of non-negotiables when shopping for the ideal couch. Since going over every item in a furniture store is a time-consuming process, you need to cut down your legwork by going digital. Thankfully, you can start your search online without even setting foot at a store.

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