Designer Floor Lamps to Light Your Space

Designer Floor Lamps to Light Your Space

Jul 02, 2020Accents Home

Why use floor lamps?

Raise the bar with the lighting scheme in your home using floor lamps that just give that extra zest to your living space. Typically in your living room or your bedroom, where you want to look your best, use floor lamps instead of overhead lamps. Overhead lights, while great at providing an awesome ambience to your rooms also tend to cause unflattering shadows on our faces which is usually not what you want at any time of day and particularly when you’re trying to get ready. Overhead lights also tend to amplify wrinkles and let’s face it, it’s is not fun for anyone.

Floor lamps when placed correctly illuminate your face beautifully because they are usually placed at eye level which makes the light travel through the room at you rather than down on top of you. Floor lamps are also never glaring because the light source is typically shielded by fabric, glass or metal diffusing the light beautifully.

Where to place them?

They are great to place them on either side of your bed, the hallway, and stairwell, on either side of your fireplace and they look so elegant even in your dining room and this is just to name a few places. They look great almost anywhere, including your living rooms and kitchens which people often don’t think about.

When we walk into a well-designed space with beautifully designed floor lamps placed at just the right positions, we are immediately overwhelmed by a sense of peace and calm. You can immediately get a sense of who lives there. It represents who we are. Designer lamps emanate a feeling of serenity that comes from within.

Use lights to create a focal point

All rooms need a great focal point.  It is the function of great interior design. It gives your eyes someplace to land and helps to define the mood and the theme of your room. It provides a much-needed balance to your room. The bottom line is that all rooms designed well have one focal point. This focal point is usually defined by the floor lamps you use. It also dictates how you arrange the furniture in your room. More specifically, you would want to arrange your furniture around the focal point.

The natural focal point usually includes fireplaces, a great view outside your window or a feature wall of beautiful artwork. But sometimes you’ll find that a room lacks a natural focal point and that is where a beautifully designed floor lamp comes in. You create a focal point with the magic of lighting. This works because your eye is naturally drawn to the brightest point in the room. So, by simply adding some well, thought out floor lamps you can easily create your room’s focal point and implement a flawless design to your home.

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