Different Types of Bench Seats for Your Dining Table

Different Types of Bench Seats for Your Dining Table

May 05, 2021HeadStartt Co.

A dining table with bench seats is not something new—but it is not common in most homes. If you are one of those with this unique kind of seat, know that it is one of the best ideas to have in a dining room.

A bench provides open seating without any separation. It makes the place look more inviting and also accommodates more people at the table too!

If you plan to have one soon, know that there are different types of benches to choose from. Knowing what makes each unique would help you determine the right one for your home.

Before enumerating them, here are the great reasons investing in a bench would be a good choice for you.

Advantages of Having a Bench Seat at Home

1. A bench opens up your kitchen space. Because it is in a simple and straightforward design, it would not make any room look cluttered or crowded. This quality also makes it the best seating solution for those with a small dining area. More importantly, it can get tucked under the table, making it an efficient and elegant space-saving solution.

2. There is no limiting number of people allowed to sit on a bench. As long as people fit and they are comfortable, they can sit together. Also, its design has no back or armrests that make people freely sit with each other. Because of this setup, it makes any event more intimate, enabling social interaction better!

3.It fits in any theme you have at home. It also not only works in your dining room. It can be a good chair in the living room, the patio, the entryway, or the backyard.

4. You can also choose a bench that has built-in storage. That way, you have extra space for your home items.

5. They’re very affordable. Given all these benefits, getting a bench is still more affordable than having individual chairs at home that could provide the same seating capacity.

Types of Benches You Can Choose From

Contrary to the common belief, a dining bench design is not limited to the table bench you see outdoors. Here are some of the options you would encounter and some tips on how to style them:

  • A Sanded Smooth and Stained Wooden Bench

A bench does not have to be rustic every time. If you are more into the clean and sophisticated kind of wooden seating, you would surely see one that fits your style. If you are going with this kind of bench, consider choosing a colour similar to your dining table. You can always add extra cushions to make it more comfortable.

  • Creatively Elegant Upholstered Benches

If you want to take your bench to the next level, you can make it look extra classy and elegant with upholstery. Whether you would put it in the kitchen, the dining table, the entryway, or your bedroom, it would immediately give the whole place a more polished look.

  • The Bench with the Backrest

If you are not a fan of a backless seat, know that there are also benches with a backrest available nowadays. Whether you go for a wooden bench or an upholstered one, you can find an option with an attached backrest. Aside from the added comfort, that would make your furniture stand out in the dining room!


If an increased seating capacity or a more intimate setup is what you desire for your dining room, choosing a bench as your seat would make them possible. Comfort is no longer an issue for this type of seating as you can always add more cushion and backrest to make it extra pleasant. 

If you are interested in getting a wooden bench for your dining table setup, make sure to check out our bench collection in Accents@Home! We have different upscale yet affordable styles and designs for you to choose from. Connect with us today to find out more!

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