Home Furniture Hack: Choosing the Right Ottoman for Your Living Room

Home Furniture Hack: Choosing the Right Ottoman for Your Living Room

Aug 04, 2021HeadStartt Co.

An ottoman is often overlooked by homeowners, especially in the grand scheme of living room fixtures. As you all know, ottomans can be used in more ways than one. Aside from being used as a cog table, some homeowners use ottomans as a backup cocktail table for a casual drink occasion. Smart moms use ottomans as space-saving storage. As for dads, well, they often use ottomans as a decorative footstool for the sofa when they chillax.

No matter how you use ottomans in your living rooms, the point stands that ottomans deserve the spot in your living spaces. And with that, you should also be choosing suitable ottomans based on your living room designs and some other determining factors.

The following are some considerations that can help you develop your knack in choosing an ottoman that perfectly fits in your living space.

1.   Determine How You Will Use Your Ottoman

Before clicking that “add to cart” button when you spot a pleasant-looking ottoman from an online shop, you first need to determine how you will use it. Are you going to make it a drink table? Do you see it as a stool to rest your feet on when you feel like slacking off? Depending on your need, the ottoman you will buy should serve your intended purpose well. Otherwise, you are wasting your money while adding a useless fixture to your living space.

You want to have an ottoman to be used as an additional seat, for instance. For it to become a good seat, you should buy a sturdy ottoman that matches the height of your sofa that, as much as possible, should also be of the same material. Using it as a footrest, on the other hand, you need to buy an ottoman that is slightly below the height of your sofa so you can comfortably put your feet on it to relax.

2.   Consider Your Home Buddies When Choosing the One

It is also essential to consider your kids and even pets when choosing an ottoman. With kids and pets around, you shouldn’t buy ottomans that lack durability, as they will quickly get broken when they play and run around the house. You can’t pick the white or any light-colored ottomans on the same premise as your kids can spill juice or stain them with paint or other materials they use when playing.

On a different note, you also need to consider the safety of your kids. Edgy ottomans are not practical when you have toddlers, as they can bump into them and cause them serious injuries that you wouldn’t want to happen. Choose your ottoman in consideration of your household and practicality.

3.   Choose an Ottoman That Complements Your Living Room Setup

As previously mentioned, you need to choose based on your living space setup, meaning that it should always be a part of your considerations. Some homeowners think any ottoman that looks good on its own is already a good pick and that it will instantly match their existing living areas’ design.

Your chosen ottoman should still look good alongside your sofa and the entire living space. This is not to say that it should blend in terms of color, style, and features of the couch. The element that you should look for is cohesiveness in the overall look of your living space.


A highly functional piece of furniture in your living space, an ottoman should be chosen carefully by considering several factors to avoid making the wrong choice. That said, make sure to keep this guide in mind!

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