How to Arrange Furniture in a Small Living Room

How to Arrange Furniture in a Small Living Room

Jun 03, 2020Accents Home

Filling your living area with the appropriate furniture can be difficult when you’re dealing with limited space. Contrary to popular belief, working with smaller rooms can actually be more difficult for homeowners on a budget. When designing your small living space, remember to prioritize furniture that fits. Take a look at these tips and ideas for making the most of your living area, whether for lone occupants or the entire family.

Arrangement With Lots of Storage

If you want to incorporate a lot of storage options but still provide plenty of seating, this arrangement may be ideal for you. Take advantage of wall space by building shelving units and ensure that your seating is moveable.

  • Prioritize your choice of sofa: Armless sofas allow for more space in a smaller area, but may not be appropriate when you move into a larger home. Remember—sofas last for 10 or more years, so work around one that you like.
  • Use accent chairs: Dark colours can make a room feel smaller, so choose accent chairs that are lighter-coloured, armless, and have lower backrests.
  • Keep it simple: When it comes to working with smaller spaces, less is definitely more. Use minimal furniture and don’t overstuff your couch.

Arrangement for a Family

Decorating with a sectional sofa and coffee table can be an excellent choice for families who love board games. You might even consider purchasing an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table for extra seating. Alternatively, you can choose furniture that seats more than one person at a time.

  • Incorporate neutrals and light colours: Furnishings with a lighter design and simple patterns can create an illusion of larger space. Start with your larger pieces then create interest and texture with smaller pieces such as vases or throw pillows.
  • Consider the material of your coffee table: If you aren’t using an ottoman, pick a coffee table made from a transparent material to produce simple, delicate lines within your space. Allow the piece to “disappear” into the rest of your space to create a larger-feeling environment.

Arrangement for Kids

When designing for younger children, you’ll want to maximize storage. Throw in storage units that can house toys, other living room items, and your television all at once. You can choose to design storage around windows in case these can be a hindrance to your kids.  

  • Use stock kitchen cabinetry: You can find space-saving cabinetry used for bedroom wardrobes or closets at building supply companies. These items can often be modified to suit a living space. You can set standalone pantries together side-by-side to create the illusion of a single unit.
  • Take advantage of the walls: Wall-mounted crates or filing cabinets can be a godsend for those designing around a smaller space. They’ll save you a ton of floor space while providing your room with lots of visual interest.


A smaller living room doesn’t mean smaller opportunities to make a visual impact.

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