How to Choose the Best Sofa For You: Color Edition

How to Choose the Best Sofa For You: Color Edition

Jun 02, 2021HeadStartt Co.

You know what really brings a living room all together? A great living room sofa.

No matter what living room design you have in mind, you will most likely have to incorporate a nice sofa to sit on that can vibe with the entire scheme of the room. And if you have no plans of picking one up from the curb, you probably need to order yourself a new one. But with a wide selection available to you, it’s totally understandable to stumble on a problem deciding which one to get.

One major design factor for couches is the color that they come in. To help you pick the right one for your sofa, here are a couple interior design tips on choosing a sofa color.

Surfing for Couches: How to Find the Right Sofa Color

Accent or Neutral?

First, you have to decide what part your sofas play. Do you want them to stand out? Or do you want them to fade into the background?

If your choice is to have them to be the center of attention that people notice immediately when they enter the room, then you’re looking for an accent sofa. These sofas are either so light that it brings out the color in a very neutral or dark color pattern or a deep set dark tone that offsets a bright room. Another way to make it stand out is to find interesting patterns for the sofa.

Sofas don’t have to be the center of the room if you have something else in mind. If you prefer a neutral color, select something that either complements or blends with the walls.

Light or Dark Coloured?

Choosing a color starts with deciding whether or not you want a dark color or light color. Either ends of the tones can help create an accent or a neutral element to the room. But aside from design, these couch colors do come with their fair share of perks and disadvantages. Here are the things you need to consider before choosing.

Pros and Cons of a Light Coloured Sofa

The bright side about going light is that tones like white, off-white, and every light tone of the rainbow can make the room appear bigger. The challenge here is more of a practical one. Spills and dirt can be hard to remove. If you intend for the couch to be a place where you can sip wine or eat and watch a movie, then a light coloured sofa will be a problem.

Pros and Cons of a Dark Coloured Sofa

Dark coloured sofas are a lot easier to maintain and are often easy on the eyes. Its challenge is also a maintenance issue. If you have pets at home, you know that dog or cat hair will linger and be visible on darker tone couches.


Choosing the colour of your sofa is an important design choice that you will have to stick to once you place an order. Remember that buying a new sofa is a big investment, so choose wisely. To avoid picking one that you don’t like, try to picture the entire living room design first and leave the decision to a later date.

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