How to Choose the Perfect Modern Dining Table

How to Choose the Perfect Modern Dining Table

Apr 07, 2021HeadStartt Co.

The dining table is an important piece of furniture in one’s home, especially if you love spending time catering to people. They are also a staple piece for the modern family, as it is a common household rule that everybody eats dinner at the same time!

Although having one is definitely a no-brainer, picking one for your home is a completely different matter. To help you pick out the right dining table, consider the following factors:

The Purpose

Most people in the hunt for a modern dining table want one to host big family dinners. After all, it is a space where everyone can sit and feel welcome to share about their day over a nice hot meal. While this is the norm, this is not always the case for everybody!

Some people purchase a dining table to fill a room—it’s a beautiful piece of furniture that can act as a room’s centrepiece, after all. Some others would have the dining table to host guests or parties, as they usually don’t have company on a regular basis.

Each purpose works better with a different design. As such, before looking for a table, ask yourself what it’s for and how it can match your plans!

The Appearance

The perfect modern dining table doesn’t come in one style. You need to find a dining table that will match the decor and vibe of the entire room. You also need to see if it matches with the chairs you have or are planning to buy! The best-case scenario is that you are able to get a whole dining table set with matching chairs to spruce up your home’s vibe.

The Shape

There is a charm to round tables, especially in small kitchen areas. Anyone who lives alone will appreciate a nice coffee shop-esque round table. They are also great for small families with kids running around the home. Round tables don’t have edges, which eliminates the worry of your kids running into sharp things.

But if you want to accommodate as many people as possible, rectangle tables are the shape of choice! They can fit more people and fill the room much more elegantly.

The Size

If you have a big family, having a large table that can host everybody is essential—but if you live alone or have a relatively small family, you can get one that’s not too big.

For someone who enjoys entertaining lots of house guests, you can get a large foldable table that you can store somewhere when you aren’t hosting parties. Just make sure that the table’s size leaves room for people to move around it comfortably.

The Durability

Make sure that the material of your table is sturdy enough to last, especially if you plan to settle where you live right now. Flimsy plastic material will cave in after just a few years, so you need a dining table made out of material like wood for it to last longer!

However, remember that you shouldn’t just get the thickest table you can find. If you have plans in the future to redecorate, you’ll want to take something that’s light enough to move around.


A dining table set does more than just bring a room’s design together—it is a place where you can bond and enjoy eating together with your family. Having a dining table set also allows you to host more dinner parties or entertain guests during the holidays. The perfect modern dining table both accentuates the room and serves its primary functions.

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