How to Choose the Right Rug to Make Your Home Look Bigger

How to Choose the Right Rug to Make Your Home Look Bigger

Apr 20, 2022Abhishek Gupta

One of the best ways to bring a room together is to decorate with rugs. A rug can make a room function better and increase its impressiveness if executed properly. Rugs are wonderful because they have the ability to transform a space into the vision you had in mind when creating it, which is why they are often referred to as the final touch.

How to Choose the Right Rug for Your Home

Amid a large number of options available at rug stores, you will definitely have no problem finding the perfect piece for your home. A great place to start would be the use of color, design, and the function of the area you are looking to decorate.

  • Use of color:

Color is a flexible tool. It can be used to complement existing decor or to contrast it. Consider using more than one color in your home so you can play around with color and design. This will make your home stand out, and it will make it your own.

The use of color in your rooms will also be dependent on the season. Most people know that a room with a lot of reds and shades of red is perfect for the holiday season. But you can use red to make a room feel warmer. It can also be used to create a romantic ambience.

  • Function of the area:

No matter what color or design you want to use, you must start by focusing on the function of the area. This is important because it will help you determine where the rug should be placed and what shape it needs to have.

For example, if the area you are decorating gets a lot of traffic, your choice of design and color should be flexible enough to hide stains and footmarks.

You can also use rugs in different areas of your home to achieve a specific function. You can use area rugs to create an entrance and divide it from the rest of the room.

  • Size of rugs:

Once you know what you need your rug to do, you can now determine the size of the rug. The size of the rug will be dependent on the size of the room and the furniture in it. If you have a small room, then it is much easier to place a rug in a small area.

However, if you have a lot of space, you must think through how you want the area to function. A small room can be made to look larger by putting a rectangular rug at the end of a hallway. You can place smaller rugs to have a more formal look or place larger rugs in your living room to give the space a more relaxed look.

Decorate with Rugs Today

When decorating a room, you need to know that a rug is more than just something to walk on. In fact, it is the final touch to a room. Whether you want to create an entrance, an area to relax in, or a formal dining room, you can use a rug to make your vision come to life.

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