How to Get the Right Area Rugs for Your Home - Our Guide

How to Get the Right Area Rugs for Your Home - Our Guide

Jul 29, 2020Accents Home

Whether you’re decorating a new space or simply want to give your house a fresh look, an essential factor to consider is where every piece of furniture will go. The arrangement of your furniture and furnishings can make or break your interior’s look and atmosphere.

You also have to determine the right area rugs for every space in your home. The appropriate rug and the correct placement can add charm to your room and improve its appearance. However, this task can be challenging—and even frustrating—at times, especially if you don’t know where to start!

To help you out, we’ll be sharing with you below the best places in your home for your area rugs and how to find the perfect ones for them.

  1. Living Room

Your living space is where you spend most of your day, where you relax with your family, and where you entertain guests. That said, it’s only important to weigh your rug options for this place carefully. Along with the colour and style of the rug, you must also consider the dimensions of your living space and the furniture in it to find the best rug.

If you have a small area, going with a small rug that will sit perfectly under your coffee table is a smart option—bringing your living room to life, while still providing enough walking room around it. On the other hand, you can also go with a larger rug that fits all your furniture, especially if you want to make the living room space look bigger.

For larger living rooms, you should consider getting rugs that are sized 9’ by 13’ or bigger to frame the space and have all your furniture on it. If your living room is divided into different spaces with different concepts, using different rugs that match these ideas is a smart option, too!

  1. Dining Room

Picking area rugs for your dining room can be tricky—after all, you want to make sure you’re getting a rug that’s big enough to fit in all the chairs! Meals must be pleasant and comfortable, and you don’t want anyone of your family members pulling out their chair and having it half on and half off of a rug. 

Just like your living room, proper measurement is key to ensuring that you have the right area rug for your dining room. Before you proceed to purchase a rug, first pull out the chairs around your table and take note of the sizing. Always remember these measurements when browsing through your options so that you can get a rug that fits perfectly underneath your table. A perfectly sized rug can enhance everyone’s dining experience, providing a comfortable landing for seats while giving another layer of aesthetic touch on to your dining area.

  1. Bedroom

When it comes to your bedroom, the perfect rug size will depend on how big your bed is. For example, if you have a queen bed, 8’ by 10’ rugs will be your best bet; for king-sized ones, you should look at 9’ by 12’ rugs.

For the placement, you have three options to explore:

  • You can place 2 small area rugs on each side of your bed to have something soft and comfortable to step onto as you get out of the bed.
  • You can lay it perpendicular to the bed but place it only partially so that it’s halfway under the bed.
  • You can use a big rug to have the bed and your nightstands on top of them while still having enough usable rug space. 


Rugs provide more than just colour to your spaces; they’re also very helpful in creating an optical illusion and making your space look bigger. That said, you must choose your area rugs wisely and take into consideration the factors that we mentioned above. You can only achieve a cozy and homey space if you put your time and effort into finding the right furnishing for these three areas.

Looking for area rugs in Vancouver to adorn your humble abode? You can browse our extensive collection here at Accents@Home today! Get in touch with us today and we’ll be glad to turn your house into a beautiful and loving home. 

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