How to Make Your Chest of Drawers Stand Out in Your Home

How to Make Your Chest of Drawers Stand Out in Your Home

Apr 28, 2021HeadStartt Co.

A home is not only a place where people could stay and get comfy. It is also the space for safekeeping personal belongings. In every home, there is a chest of drawers where different things are stored.

A chest of drawers is a type of cabinet with multiple drawers, oriented either horizontally or in parallel. If you have many of these chests at home and you are not satisfied with how they look, there are ways to turn them into a stylish part of the house.

Here are some ways you can explore:

1.Make it stand out by giving it the extra height

Homeowners usually place their chest of drawers in the corners of the room. For that reason, the chest of drawers blends in with the wall. If you want your beautiful piece to stand out, do so by adding some extra height. Try placing tall vases on top and filling them with flowers to draw people's eyes to that corner. You can also surround the tall vases with smaller tabletop pieces to make them stand out more.

2.Display some artworks on it

You can also maximize the space on top of a cabinet by adding artwork to it. Place a framed photo or painting on it and accessorize it with other minimal displays. These can be scented candles, small vases, and other items that fit the room's theme. If you do not feel like placing a frame on it, hang them on the wall above your chest of drawers. Make sure that all colours complement each other so that they would look visually attractive.

3.Turn it into your unique corner

Are you the type of person to have unusual habits or superb collections? You can make a corner stand out by adding more personality to it. A display of your collections would be a good start. Place them on top of the furniture, but make sure to give each piece enough room.

Ideally, these items should be of complementary colours, so they remain pleasing to the eyes. To make the room look coherent, you can also consider the nearby furniture's texture and colour when choosing the theme that looks best in your space.

4.Complement the soft corners with soft accessories

There are chests of drawers that come with sharp edges, and there are also those with rounded corners. If yours has the latter, you can accentuate that soft vibe by adding more accessories that are also smooth and fine to look at. You can explore ceramics that are also round in shape or those that are in soft pastel colours. If you want to make it look more light and calm, add a touch of fresh flowers to your vases or display a few accessories along with them.

5.Make the corner more impactful by adding various textures

Anything with variety looks interesting. If you have a dedicated corner for your chest, be extra creative and be bold with your items on display. Try integrating striking, vivid colours or unusual patterns and textures. That corner would surely get people's attention.


Chests of drawers are always useful pieces of furniture. Besides serving as a storage of personal items, it allows organization and acts as an added virtual piece inside the room. If you are not a fan of styling or decorating, look for beautiful and curated contemporary furniture that suits your taste. If you already have simple ones, there are always many ways to creatively present them and make the place homier.

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