How to Select the Perfect Throw Pillows to Design Your Home

How to Select the Perfect Throw Pillows to Design Your Home

Sep 15, 2021HeadStartt Co.

Homeowners who love redesigning their spaces never run out of ideas and improvement projects up their sleeves. After all, as long as you have the time, energy, and luxury to initiate a house renovation, you will always find something new to change about your home.

One way to improve the look of your living room, bedroom, or other areas that have seating is to consider placing your focus on your throw pillows. If, for example, you have a leather sectional sofa and you wish to add cushions to it, you must be careful about your choices to match the look and feel of your couch perfectly.

Not everyone is familiar with the power throw pillows hold because they can make or break your space. That’s why it’s up to you how to tackle your home’s interior design. Keep reading below to learn how to pick out throw pillows that will go well for any room in the house.

Decide on Colors That Complement Each Other

The first thing you can do to improve your interior design using throw pillows is to stick a particular color from the color wheel rather than use various colors all at once. You could select similar shades of a color to guarantee everything maintains consistency.

You could also try selecting colors in pairs with hues that complement each other. That way, if you have modern furniture at home, you won’t have difficulty looking for throw pillows that will match your pieces because picking the right shades can solve your problems.

Focus on Consistency to Maintain Order

Whether you’re designing throw pillows for your wooden bench, sofa, bed, or window, the best thing to do about your situation is to target a symmetrical arrangement to keep things in order. This means buying pillows with the same fabric and feel to avoid confusion.

If you get throw pillows in various colors and materials and you need to layer them one on top of another, it will look too much that your eyes will have a hard time adjusting. When you preserve a cohesive look for your throw pillows, you have space to breathe and relax.

Mix and Match Different Patterns Together

When you’re in doubt, and you’re not sure how to select the best throw pillows from a furniture store, you could try opting for a pillow with a simple print, another with a busy print, and one with a solid print to keep you from veering away from what suits your home.

Your biggest pillow should have a busy print because it will catch your attention the most, especially when you place it in the center of the couch. Often, busy prints can set the mood of your space, exceeding past your pillow arrangement and affecting the rest of your room.

Incorporate Pillows of Various Sizes

Besides getting throw pillows with various designs, you have the freedom to select them in different sizes as well. Just remember to place your largest cushions in the corners of your couch or bed, while positioning your smaller pillows in the middle.

Not only will the setup look more pleasing, but it adds comfort when you place your bigger throw pillows on the sides. That way, you don’t have to keep moving them to the side when people use the sofa. While it’s great to have many throw pillows, they shouldn’t take up all the room.


Many homeowners treat throw pillows as an afterthought, so they don’t pay enough attention to them compared to the furnishings, decorations, and other home furniture in their house. However, that shouldn’t be the case because although throw pillows are smaller in size, they offer a significant impact on your interior design. When improving your space with throw pillows, you should use complementary colors, focus on consistency, mix and match patterns, and get pillows in various sizes to achieve the best results.

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