Interior Design 101 - Using Throw Pillows - A Basic Guide

Interior Design 101 - Using Throw Pillows - A Basic Guide

Oct 28, 2020HeadStartt Co.

Designing a home’s interior requires copious amounts of time and energy, committing to every step of choosing the right home furniture to turn your house into a real home. One way that often gets overlooked by homeowners due to its small role includes the incorporation of throw pillows.

If you think throw pillows don’t add much to your home’s design, this article is about convincing you otherwise. In fact, by choosing the right colours, styles, and sizes, you can enhance the comfort and appeal of your living rooms and bedrooms with these small additions!

For rooms that lack a certain flair, throwing in a well-curated throw pillow can highlight your sense of style and uplift the once dull area of your home. Keep reading below to find how throw pillows can boost your motif and complete the look of your lovely home.


You Could Choose A Primary Color As Your Basis

When it comes to picking the right throw pillows for your seats, begin by selecting a piece of furniture with the most prominent colour. For example, an ottoman with bright tones can be the basis of the rest of your designs, aiming to accentuate the colour of your chair rather than surpass it.

A chair with a bold finish can be supported by soft hues, complementing it to make it stand out. If the colour of your room is different, you can select pillows similar to the shade of the details of the rest of the room to contrast the ottoman’s colour while still looking like it belongs in the right place. 


You Could Combine Various Patterns

The beauty of furniture shopping is that you can let your creativity run loose and pick out various styles and prints that you can mix and match together. Showcasing different patterns can keep the interest of your visitors, allowing them to focus on your carefully chosen pieces.

If your couch is plain-coloured, you can go big on your throw pillows and choose graphics, neutrals, and some stylish pillows that can bring out the value of the room by matching your decor. One useful way of picking out the designs of the throw pillows is by excluding the look of the entire space. That way, you can compare them individually to your couch, walls, and other furniture involved.


You Could Use Different Shapes And Sizes

While it can be quite tricky to make your furniture and décor that contain different design elements go together, you can still make it work by adding throw pillows for a finishing touch. If you’re trying to incorporate home pieces of various shapes and sizes, you can always find yourself putting them all together with the help of similar colours or patterns.

You can also experiment with your style and never be afraid to think out of the box. A throw pillow can connect everything and still learn to stand out on its own. In fact, instead of always going for traditional styles, you can switch things up and purchase a round throw pillow from furniture stores to enhance your room.



Never underestimate the power of details when it comes to your home décor. A small throw pillow can completely change the game, giving you a chance to focus on a base colour, combine various patterns, or use different shapes and sizes. Doing so can successfully set the mood of your room and improve the comfort and style of your home.    

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