Maintaining Your Dining Room Furniture—What to Know

Maintaining Your Dining Room Furniture—What to Know

Jun 23, 2021HeadStartt Co.

Furniture breathes life into a room and lights up the space in every area of the home. They’re not only meant to be adored or admired, but they’re also purposeful for comfort and coziness! As sturdy as they are, furniture is also meant to be taken care of, particularly with daily-use fixtures such as your dining table!

Maintenance is key when it comes to preserving the quality of your furniture. After all, they’re your most significant investments next to your home! So, to extend its lifespan and enjoy its benefits longer until it becomes a prized antique, you must ensure that you’re caring for your furniture properly. To help you out, we’re going to give you some care tips on both short-term and long-term maintenance of your dining room furniture.

Care Tips for Natural Wood

Natural wood furniture is a living, breathing substance that features beautiful pitch pockets and stains. Through time, such furniture will show signs of wear and tear, but it can be repaired and polished over and over to have a beautiful finish once again! These usually last longer, especially when made with solid construction materials and looked after regularly.

For daily and weekly maintenance, build the habit of dusting your table or buffing it with a microfibre towel. For eating or working, use coasters and placemats, and lift anything that needs to be moved across the table instead of sliding it from end to end. Additionally, don’t leave any crumbs! And as you’re sitting on the table, be mindful of your hard metal jewelry such as rings, watches, and bracelets.

All these steps prevent the accumulation of dirt build-up, staining, and scratching of the surface. And to clean it up, just use mild soap and a damp towel, and then wipe it dry!

For long-term maintenance, inspect your wood pieces regularly and have them refinished if necessary. Now and then, flip your table to even out its ageing due to use and sunlight exposure.

A wooden table has the advantage of being re-finishable—and when cared for properly, it matures nicely. You'll also note that scratches seem to soften and blend in, mainly with time if the whole table is utilized evenly.

Care Tips for Glass Tops

Many people are understandably wary of purchasing glass-top dining tables because of their fragility. Apart from that, it’s also worth noting from the very beginning that scratches on glass tops are irreversible—meaning you can do close to nothing to fix this problem!

However, scratches, chips, and cracks are avoidable if you’re careful by using protective layers such as placemats. Be attentive to your metal accessories, and don’t just slide plates and pitchers across the table. Make it easy for yourself and preserve this furniture piece, especially if you love its style! 

Simply use a microfiber cloth to remove dust from your wood furniture, wipe it down as required, and refinish your tabletop if it's looking worn. Jewelry, humidity, and hot plates should all be avoided to avoid scratches on any surface. By simply using a glass cleaner, you can easily keep your glass tabletop clean.


Always consider your way of life when it comes to picking out furniture. It is just a question of habit, regular upkeep, and awareness to care for your dining room furniture! Now you know what your lifestyle and home décor tastes are—but bear in mind that high-quality furniture will last far longer than furniture built hastily! As such, it’s always best to only purchase furniture from a reputable seller in your area.

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