Mixing Art And Furniture - Adding Accents To Interior Design

Mixing Art And Furniture - Adding Accents To Interior Design

Nov 04, 2020HeadStartt Co.

It might feel intimidating to add art or artistic fixtures as decoration, especially when you are concerned about it matching your interior design. However, when chosen well, it’s one of the easiest ways to bring life into any room, as it can complement your existing furniture pieces or stand out to change the room’s look entirely.  

There are dozens of options to choose from, whether you want it to match your dining table or to complement your leather sectional in the living room. To guide you in this effort, here are some great options for choosing the right accents to complement your furniture:


Mirrors and wall sculptures 

Living rooms with stand out pieces like cog tables can match with abstract wall sculptures that give your interior design an even more three-dimensional look. Though industrial designs might be the first to come to mind, other wall sculptures complement more understated pieces, such as a simple leather ottoman. These sculptures are sure to catch anybody’s eye when they walk into the room.

Mirrors are also a nice addition to a room if placed strategically. However, take note that there’s a chance that it could look out of place if not positioned well! They should make a room look bigger than they are, and it should function not just as a looking glass but as a decorative piece of furniture as well.

Some good mirror placements when decorating are in the corner of the room or on the wall. You could also have something draped over the corner of a slim slanted mirror that matches the rest of your furniture. You could even have an irregularly shaped mirror on the wall, depending on the look you are going for.  

Remember, make sure it matches the rest of your pieces in the room so that it complements it, even if it is a standout piece! 

Wall library

Wall shelving is a great decorative item that can both store your books or act as additional storage space for items that are typically strewn around and put them on display in a more aesthetically pleasing manner. The design you choose and the items you place on it will determine the kind of look it will lend to the room.  

For spaces with sophisticated pieces of furniture, you’ll want to add a wall shelf with an appropriate shape and colour. More creative shapes and colours can be used in playrooms and art rooms.  


Perhaps the easiest way to mix and match art and furniture is by buying an area rug. A good rug can really tie the room together by supporting all the different elements in one space. It can give your floor a much needed decorative element, and it can be as intricate or as plain as you want it to be.  

Installing an entire carpet can be a little much, and it takes a professional to seal the edges in place—thus making something like a carpet area rug ideal if your room has a more sophisticated look. An area rug will allow you to cover a dedicated space for a sophisticated or artsy look. As such, its best to choose wisely when it comes to your flooring adornment! 


Prints are an easy alternative to paintings and can really add an artistic feel to your room. Wide canvas images are best for this, and you can even opt for multiple pictures and switch them up when you feel like updating the room. These are ideal for hanging in your living or dining room where you often entertain guests. They’ll also appreciate how your choice of frame and image will complement your overall interior design.


Mixing in some art with your furniture pieces can bring all of your interior design elements together to form one cohesive look. Choosing artistic looking pieces that go with your furniture can make the room look complete and more interesting. By investing in some pieces at the right furniture stores in Vancouver, not only will you have a more defined look but a home that is more pleasing to the eye and comfortable to live in. 

Choosing the right furniture and decoration will make your house look all the more beautiful. Here at Accents@Home, we pride ourselves on providing affordable upscale furniture in British Columbia and treating our customers like family. To see what furniture and artistic decorative accents would fit your home, shop at our website today!

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