Our Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Space With a Bench

Our Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Space With a Bench

Mar 10, 2021HeadStartt Co.

Designing your space can be thrilling and daunting at the same time. You'll encounter some pieces of furniture that blend well in whatever area you put them into, but some can be quite tricky to place.

Couches and chairs are relatively easy pieces that enhance your room's aesthetics. But what about a bench? How do you make the space more visually appealing with a long-form chair in the room? It can be a bit tricky at first, but we've compiled a list of ideas so you can decorate your space with a wooden bench.

Tip #1: At The End Of Your Bed

Placing a bench at the end of your bed is a practical way to add more sitting options in a cramped space. Besides giving you another area to prop your leg while putting on your shoes or clothes, it also is a great visual anchor.

Ideally, your bench should be a few inches below your bedding for a smart play of heights. You can even add a few books and pieces to add more character to the bench, bringing in more warmth and functionality to your room.

Tip #2: Use It As A Coffee Table

If your bench has no backside or sides, you can give it another purpose and transform the chair into a coffee table. You can pile up a bunch of books to decorate the bench and allow you to have an elevated option for where you can put your cup of joe.

Tip #3: Divide Your Room

For those with an open floor plan concept, creating zones in your spaces will encourage organization and orderliness in your home. An efficient way to use your space and have a visual mark for a division is using a backless bench.

You can add a few pillows and vases on top of it to ensure that it establishes itself as a divider. When you need extra sitting in the dining area, you can simply remove the decorations on top of it and pull it close to your dining table.

Tip #4: Place It In Your Foyer

Even if your home is relatively large, a foyer or your house's entry can still be small. But this place needs a sitting area where you, your family members, and guests could sit down and put their shoes on, receive a package, or even serve as a waiting area.

A wooden bench is a fantastic option for your foyer's seating needs. Because of its long, thin design, it won't take up too much space, making it a great mini lounge area that won't let your home's entryway feel stuffy.

Tip #5: Enhance Your Outdoor Seating

Finally, one of the best places to put a wooden bench in your home is outdoors. It provides a great seating option when you want to sit out and enjoy the slight breeze and sun during warmer seasons.

The Bottom Line: Benches Are One Of The Most Versatile Pieces Of Furniture You Can Invest In

No matter the space you place your bench in, it'll always serve a functional purpose as well as enhance the visual appeal of your room. So whatever type of bench you have — whether it be a wooden bench or steel bench — all you need to do is flex your imagination and start decorating your space!

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