Repair or Replace: When Should You Buy a New Couch

Repair or Replace: When Should You Buy a New Couch

Sep 01, 2021HeadStartt Co.

There's no set guideline when you're supposed to replace pieces of furniture. So unless you're gearing up to redecorate and remodel the interior of your home, it's less likely that you will entertain the idea of getting rid of your sofa and buying a new one.

In general, the lifespan of a standard sofa is pretty long. Most can last for seven years, but some even stay in condition after ten years with much care. However, many factors can either shorten or lengthen the longevity of your couch.

So if you're curious as to how you can tell whether it's time to let go of your beloved furniture instead of taking it to an upholstery repair shop, here are three definite signs that your couch needs replacing—not repairing.

1. When It Starts To Make Squeaking and Creaking Noises

Usually, it's never a good sign to start hearing certain creaking, popping, and squeaking noises from anything. Pretty much like how a car begins to make strange noises when something is wrong, the same applies to your sofa.

Once you start hearing it creak and squeak after you sit down, it means that the structural form of your couch is damaged. This problem often results from weakening the joints or springs, which is quite expensive to repair. Thus, it would be wiser to use the money to buy a new one instead of having your old piece mended.

2. When It Begins To Show Noticeable Sagging in Some Areas

It doesn't take a genius to determine that sagging or sinking areas on your couch are a sign that it needs replacing. Aside from how uncomfortable it is to sit on, it is less likely that your sofa can continue providing your body with the support it needs, leading to back and muscle pains.

While it is true that you can still find a way to mend this problem by adding padding or inserting wood, you're only delaying the inevitable, as your sofa will probably break down again after a couple of weeks.

3. When It Exudes a Bad Smell and Causes Your Body To Itch

Most people are unaware that upholstery does need some deep cleaning from time to time. Thus, only a few individuals spend the effort to vacuum and steam clean their couches every couple of months. As a result, most homeowners discover this valuable information the hard way after their beloved piece of furniture starts to exude an unpleasant smell that is practically hard to remove. Moreover, unkempt couches are likely to serve as a breeding ground for bedbugs, which can cause allergic reactions and health problems.

If you notice that your couch is beginning to give off a foul smell or make your body itch, then it's high time that you replace your sofa for no amount of cleaning can solve this kind of problem.


Indeed, there are some upholstery problems that you can quickly fix. However, it is essential to know when it's wiser to have your sofa or couch replaced than mended. With that said, it isn't at all that difficult to spot signs that call for you to buy a new one. As long as you keep the information listed above in mind, you'll be able to make more sound decisions on whether it's better to opt for a replacement than a repair.

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