Signs That Tell You It's Time to Change Your Furniture

Signs That Tell You It's Time to Change Your Furniture

Jan 06, 2021HeadStartt Co.

Some pieces of furniture can survive for decades and even years. This is why we have many antique shops in every town and some pieces of furniture that get passed down from generation to generation. But the big question is: How long can they really last?

How long the furniture will last greatly depends on the material used, how it's constructed, its daily usage, and how much you maintain and take care of the pieces. A coffee table may get more usage than a wooden cabinet, so it may have a shorter life span. Either way, it pays to be aware of the signs you should look out to know if you need to replace your furniture.

If you're curious to know the signs you should look out for, keep reading. Here's a list of common household furniture and when you need to replace them.

Questions you should ask yourself before replacing your furniture

Before we dive into the different pieces of furniture, you need to know the following questions so that you can adequately assess each piece of furniture you have in your home. Here are some of the questions:

  • Is it broken beyond repair?
  • Is the upholstery stained and dull?
  • Does it fit the space?
  • Is it comfortable to use?
  • Are your style and needs different now?

Common pieces of household furniture

  • Couches and chairs

When you hear your sofa creak, cushions are sagging, or if the lumbar support has disappeared, these are sure signs that you need to purchase a new sofa. Besides that, when it's stained, smelly, and you've tried different remedies to address upholstery issues, you may need to replace your couch or get new upholstery.

Much like sofas and couches, upholstered chairs need to be evaluated and their reclining mechanisms tested. If they don't function properly, it's time to get a new one.

For wooden chairs, you sometimes don't have to deal with upholstery; however, you should still take note of their legs and if they're wobbly. Using an unstable chair won't only ruin your room's appearance but could also pose a hazard for anyone who uses it.

  • Dining tables, coffee tables, and other occasional tables

Dining tables are often used daily and aren't immune to scratches, dents, and burns, but these aren't big enough reasons for you to replace them. Dining tables are often replaced when their size doesn't fit comfortably in a room.

As for coffee and occasional tables, they get most of their wear and tear from feet, cups, and wet glasses. For this reason, it's time to change your coffee table once they look unsightly, its legs are wobbly, and if the size and style no longer fit your room's aesthetics.

  • Bedroom furniture

When you start to notice your bed frame creaking, it's an obvious sign that you need to replace it. Having a new bed frame and headboard can help improve your bed's support system, giving you a better night's rest.

Besides your bed frame, any storage unit such as dressers and drawers also need replacement, especially when they're no longer sturdy or can't open and close properly.


These are only a few of the most common household furniture that you need to evaluate to know if they need to be replaced. By remembering our tips and asking the questions we mentioned above, you'll be able to assess each piece of furniture properly and replace them when necessary. So before you head out to your nearest furniture shop, look at your coffee table, chairs, and bed frame carefully. You might be missing out on some furniture that needs replacing!

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