Styling Bar Stools: Do They Have to Match Your Dining Chairs?

Styling Bar Stools: Do They Have to Match Your Dining Chairs?

Dec 01, 2021Abhishek Gupta

Modern dining rooms are now open spaces that break down the traditional barriers set between the utilitarian and social spots at home; that’s why the kitchen island now serves as a stunning focal point where friends and family can gather. That’s why bar stools have become popular pieces that provide both visual appeals and extend your space’s functionality, but since they’re made for sitting, do they have to match the look of your dining chairs to create cohesive decor?

Bar Stools and Dining Chairs: Do They Have to Look the Same to Achieve a Beautiful Style?

Your kitchen’s style entirely depends on your personal taste in interior design, but regardless of your preferences, you should know that bar stools don’t necessarily have to match your dining chairs.

Bar stools can act as accent pieces that can fill in the gaps in your kitchen décor, one that complements the materials, color scheme, textures, and shape of your space so it can elevate your dining experience. When your bar stools share a common ground with your dining chairs but add a different dimension with its finishing, it can transform your area to create a more layered and full look.

Why You Should Play Around with the Style of Your Bar Stools

Benefit #1: Add Visually Interesting Elements

Taking a different stylistic approach to your bar stools creates visual distinctions in the room, allowing you to add more dimension to your space. For example, upholstered dining chairs add softness and sophistication to your dining room, so using wooden bar stools with steel footing adds an industrial charm to an otherwise chic area.

Benefit #2: Boosts Your Space’s Personality

People are made up of layers that make each other unique, so if you translate that into your home’s interior design, experimenting with your bar stool design can make a bland-looking kitchen look vibrant with its layered characteristics. It introduces elements you want to portray in your kitchen or dining room, promoting visual interest as the eyes can explore various aesthetics that blend well together.

Benefit #3: Create Independent Spaces Without Setting Up Walls

Gone are the days when the dining room and kitchen area are separate spaces in your home. As the modern homeowner embraces fluidity and the airy vibe of an open design, picking out bar stools with a unique look from your dining chairs creates a subtle distinction without putting up dividers in the room.

The Bottom Line: Mix and Matching Bar Stools for Style

When you choose a different style for your bar stools, it can promote a striking contrast between your design elements in the kitchen. Completely matching your bar stools with your dining chairs may meld together in a lackluster finish since there are no distinct elements to set them apart, so by playing with different styles, you can add some much-needed panache to your space.

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