The Best Criteria to Follow When Choosing Rug Decor

The Best Criteria to Follow When Choosing Rug Decor

Jun 29, 2021HeadStartt Co.

Rugs aren’t really the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to home decor, especially when there are furniture, sculptures, and displays to think about and choose from. However, they are some of the most essential parts of the room, too. They are the first thing noticed in terms of touch, after all, when someone sets foot into your home.

One underrated function that rugs can offer to homeowners is the decor aspect. Although it makes sense to set apart different parts of the room for their own purposes, rugs can help in driving that idea forward as there’s a visual aid involved. Seeing the difference in the carpet will help your mind distinguish one place from another, which is lovely in a more open space.

If you’re interested in choosing and investing in rug decor for your room, here are the top things you should be considering:


Every element of decor in a room should be somewhat cohesive or at least complement each other. Colors are pretty important to remember in principle, as you wouldn’t want your floor covering to clash with what’s up on the walls and ceiling. However, if your bedroom is a bit bold in terms of the colors used, perhaps a similar vibrancy or a more muted tone can do well.

There are rugs with prints and different colors, though. Rugs in animal skin-like spots and stripes have been booming for a while now. They can look quite good if your home is a little more on the neutral side and needs to be spiced up.


Even if you’re eyeing a beautiful rug, be sure to check its size first. Having it too big can be difficult for your room and look wonky with the rest of your home decor. On the other hand, something too small may also seem underwhelming and just look odd for you and every visitor that walks in.

If you’re placing your rug under a specific piece of furniture or have a clear vision of where exactly you want the carpet to start and end, take those measurements. Write them down and keep them when you go rug shopping to get a size that you desire.


Rectangles are some of the most prominent shapes when it comes to rug decor, but there are still several others. Circular and ovals can be quite popular, and there are also some more unconventional ones. One good example are rugs that can appear shapeless and curved at the edges. It’s best to consider which room the rug is going into before committing to one.


Rugs can differ in texture due to the material and stitching. Some may have the yarns looser and make them appear wilder, while others will feel thin and stubby. There could also be rugs that are just tightly knit and weaved together. These variations are pretty obvious in terms of looks as well, so try to grab inspiration about what kind of texture would appeal to you.


There’s certainly a rug for just about every person. Just be strategic about what fits your current home best and where you’ll be positioning it. After all, it’s your own living space to design and decorate!

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