The Essential Guide to Sideboards and Buffet Tables

The Essential Guide to Sideboards and Buffet Tables

Sep 29, 2021HeadStartt Co.

The dining room is considered one of the most elegant rooms in any house. It’s where some of the most memorable moments happen when you gather around your dining table for a family meal. What makes every dining room as graceful as it is is the decorations around it, from the table itself to the chairs, the centerpiece, the lighting and even the cabinets. If you’re looking for ways to enhance the look of the room, then adding a sideboard may do the trick. First, you need to know what a sideboard is and how it can elevate the aesthetics of your dining room.

What is a Sideboard?

A sideboard is also known as a buffet table and is a piece of furniture used in kitchens and dining rooms. It functions as an opulent storage solution and place for decorations. A typical sideboard comes with a set of drawers designed to house cutlery, dishes, napkins, candlesticks, and other supplies you usually need for the dining table.

On the surface of the sideboard, you can put a couple of decorations like vases, picture frames or small sculptures and trophies. It can also be left empty, so it can serve as an additional surface for serving food when hosting a meal.

How Do You Choose a Sideboard for Your Dining Room?

Sideboards are an essential part of any dining area. If you happen to not have one in your home, here are some tips on choosing the perfect sideboard to go with your dining area.

1. Measure Other Furniture

Before picking out your sideboard, you must first measure the other furniture in your dining room. You don’t want to get a sideboard that’s a little out of proportion compared to the rest of the dining furniture. Sideboards and buffet tables should be at least the same height as the dining table, but ideally a few inches taller.

2. Measure the Space

After getting the ideal dimensions for your sideboard, you should also measure the space available for it. While sideboards don’t typically take up much space since they’re always placed against the wall, it’s still important to measure the space around to make sure that you have enough space left to go around the dining area.

3. Ensure a Seamless Layout

Make sure that there’s ample room to walk around the sideboard easily. Test this out by opening all the drawers and see if there’s still enough space between your dining table and the sideboard. Whether you have a round dining table or a rectangular one, you need to make sure the entire room’s layout is seamless and proportional. For smaller rooms, there should be about 18" – 24" of clear space between the different furniture pieces, while a 36” space is ideal for larger rooms.

4. Measure Doorways and Hallways

Finally, the space from the doorway or hallway leading to your sideboard should also be considered. Measure the distance between them and make sure your sideboard isn’t an obstruction.


Putting a sideboard or credenza in your dining room is an essential part of the dining experience. You’ll have extra storage space and easy access to any supplies you need while you enjoy a hearty meal with your family.

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