Understanding the Importance of Having Bedside Tables

Understanding the Importance of Having Bedside Tables

Apr 14, 2021HeadStartt Co.

When it comes to interior designing, two things that need to be considered are function and aesthetics. This applies to almost every room of the home, but the bedroom is something to take special care in designing, as you ideally start and end every day in that area. For some, that’s where they may spend most of their days as well.

A bedside table is often overshadowed by other pieces of furniture when it’s actually a very versatile item that checks both the function and aesthetic category that you should have. Especially since there have been so many innovations in design and furniture, there’s probably a bedside table that can fit almost any individual’s tastes.

Here are some essential perks a bedside table has to offer you.


Much like many other pieces of furniture, you’ll be introducing to your bedroom, the bedside table also acts as an accent or decor to the place. This is especially true with creative and quirkier nightstands that have a lot of character to them. Though, some do opt just to have two standard tables for each side of the bed for some good old-fashioned symmetry.

You can choose one that’s been designed with a lot of negative space, one with open shelves or with pullout cabinets. Homeowners can go as simple or as cute as they like, especially with the variation of materials available. Wooden bedside tables can provide a vintage feel to the room, and they can be sturdy as well.


Have you ever gone to bed all comfortable in your blankets and pillows until you realized you had to check something on your phone or put your glasses down? Having a bedside table minimizes those occurrences as you’re provided with a surface for all your things. Put them there before you fall asleep so you can easily reach for them when you wake up a few hours later.

The bedside table’s surface isn’t just convenient for your devices, books, water bottles, and more, but it’s also suitable for a lamp. If you’re the type of person who wants to turn the night light on and off at the last minute just before you fall into slumber, it’s ideal for you to get to the table. 


Most bedside tables have cabinets that are big enough to hide away a couple of items. A few snacks or personal items you don’t want anyone getting their hands on can go into them. The bedside table may also be the safest place for underwear and several other essentials.

If you’ve settled on choosing a bedside table that doesn’t have a cabinet, they still usually have a small area for storage. Most people utilize this part to display small items and trinkets that they have in their collection. Jewelry could also be securely stored in this part of the table.


One other important thing that bedside tables have to offer is a sense of cohesion. When you pick the right colour that isn’t too loud or too bland for the room, it just somehow completes it entirely. It’s rare nowadays to visit someone’s room and see this particular piece of furniture missing from it.

Whatever is on these nightstands is also a bit of a reflection of what’s important to a person. You see some people have printed pictures of a loved one, their favourite figurine or a childhood plush toy displayed in this part of the room. It just makes sense to have them by your bed. 


It may not be a necessary requirement that everyone has in their room, but a bedside table’s importance is measured more by the convenience it provides and the visual improvements it gives to your room. It’s a minor adjustment to add, but it can make quite a difference.

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