Benson Tray

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The Benson is set of two stunning rectangular trays. Each of the two trays in the set features a solid fir wood base finished in a light brown stain that is set into a matte-black polished, iron frame. Equipped with matching handles on the sides, the Benson set of trays is not just stylish, but also functional. The unique combination of wood and metal accents makes the Benson a great fit for spaces based on the Farmhouse, Woodlands, Lakeside, and Industrial design styles. 

Dimensions - Large: 26 x 16 x 3, Small: 22 x 12 x 3


  • 26" and 22" Long Trays

    The Benson trays, the large measuring 26x16" and the small measuring 22x12", are a stylish addition to any space. 

  • Wooden Construction

    The Durone, crafted from solid fir wood and metal, is a simplistic yet unique addition to your space that is sure to stand the test of time. 

  • Superior Finish

    The Durone is finished in a superior light-brown polish with a matte-black frame, making it a stunning piece that is sure to turn heads. 

  • Woodlands/Lakeside/Global Inspired Design

    Featuring a stunning design that flaunts clean lines and subtle curves, this tray set makes for a gorgeous addition to spaces based on the woodlands, lakeside, or global design styles. 

  • No Assembly Required

    Delivered pre-assembled and ready to display, this tray set allows you to add a beautiful touch to your space in no time.