Carell Hall Tree

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Crafted from metal and wood, the Carell is a stylish, contemporary coat rack that offers ample storage for a wide variety of items like hats, coats, umbrellas, and shoes. The Carell has a sleek, pipe-style metal frame and a fir wood shelf at the base for items like shoes and more. Finished in a matte-black tone with natural brown, wooden accents, the Carell fits perfectly in space based on the Mercana Modern and Farmhouse design styles. 


  • 77.2" High Hall Tree

    The Carell hall tree measures 31.1" long by 18.1" wide by 77.2" high. 

  • Sturdy Construction and Superior Finish

    Built for everyday use, the Carell features a solid iron frame that guarantees unparalleled stability. The juxtaposition of matte-black toned metal and natural brown, wooden accents makes this a piece that you can include in any space and setting. 

  • Ample Storage

    Featuring a floor shelf for shoes and umbrellas in addition to the hooks up top for coats and hats, the Carell offers ample storage space for a wide variety of everyday items. 

  • Modern/Farmhouse Inspired Design

    Designed to stand out, the Carell boasts of premium composition and a superior finish that makes it a perfect fit for spaces based on the modern or farmhouse design style. 

  • Easy Assembly

    The Carell follows an easy, two-step assembly process which means that it is ready to turn heads in your space as soon as it arrives at the door.