Cavetto Bookends

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Cavetto Bookends are heavy, pyramid-silhouette bookends made out of solid white Banswara marble. They feature an alternating striped pattern on all sides, switching from smooth stripes to a raw, rough-cut texture.

Marble is a natural material, please expect variations in color and veining. 


  • Dimensions

    4.3L x 2.5W x 6.0H 

  • Materials

    Genuine Banswara Marble* Marble is a natural material which makes each piece feel like one-of-a-kind. Please expect variations in size, color, and veining.  

  • Rough-Cut Texture

    The rough-cut nature of the marble adds brilliance, sparkle, and great texture to this sculpture.  

  • No Assembly Required

    These bookends are ready to dazzle as soon as it arrives to your door.