vendor-unknown Living Room Cracked Ice Accent Chair (5349455560857)
vendor-unknown Living Room Cracked Ice Accent Chair (5349455560857)

Cracked Ice Accent Chair

Cracked Ice Accent Chair

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Dimensions: 32"L x 36"W x 35"H.
- A large majority of our frames are constructed with all hardwood.
- The fiber used is an imported conjugated hollow-fill fiber that gives each filled pillow
the rebound needed to ensure quality, comfort and life.
This clean line, contemporary style chair will look great in your home.
Series Features :

Frame Construction:
- The remaining styles are made of a mixture of hardwood and densified fiberboard, a
furniture specific compact plywood alternative. The stress points are reinforced with
blocks to secure a long lasting frame. We use the traditional method of nailing frames
together for strength and stability.

Foam Construction:
- Our foam is an industry standard 1.8 density with compression's varying according to cushion
size. All cushions are Dacron wrapped to give the cushions an attractive crown. All styles in
our line-up have fully reversible cushions.

Springing System:
- A sinus springing system. We reinforce the springs with a 16 gauge border wire to
maintain a uniform ride in our seating. We double spring on the ends nearest the
arm to give a good balance in the seating. We use approximately 5 springs per seat.

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