Decimus Wall Furniture

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Meticulously crafted from metal and finished in a matte-black polish, the Decimus is a full-size, horizontally stretched shelving unit fitted three tiered shelves that offer ample storage space for a wide variety of items. Since this unit features offset shelves, the sections vary in height and volume, making it convenient to store everything from small decorative objects and accessories to books and larger showpieces. The Decimus is just as functional and versatile as it is visually appealing and fits perfectly in spaces based on the Industrial and Mercana Modern design styles. 


  • Dimensions

    36.6L x 8.7W x 45.7H 

  • Metal Construction

    The Decimus, skillfully crafted with metal, is a simplistic yet unique addition to your space that is sure to stand the test of time. 

  • Black Finish

    The Decimus wall-mounted metal shelf flaunts a matte-black metal finish that is sure to turn heads in any space or setting. 

  • Ample Storage Space

    Equipped with a three tier shelving unit, the Decimus is a versatile storage solution with ample space to offer for a wide mix of items ranging from decor and accessories to books and magazines. 

  • Modern/Industrial Inspired Design

    Featuring a stunning design that flaunts clean lines and subtle curves, this wall accessory makes for a gorgeous addition to spaces based on the modern or industrial design style.