Eclipse/Mia 7pc Dining Set, Oak/Grey & Light Grey
Eclipse/Mia 7pc Dining Set, Oak/Grey & Light Grey
Eclipse/Mia 7pc Dining Set, Oak/Grey & Light Grey
Eclipse/Mia 7pc Dining Set, Oak/Grey & Light Grey
Eclipse/Mia 7pc Dining Set, Oak/Grey & Light Grey
Eclipse/Mia 7pc Dining Set, Oak/Grey & Light Grey
Eclipse/Mia 7pc Dining Set, Oak/Grey & Light Grey
Eclipse/Mia 7pc Dining Set, Oak/Grey & Light Grey

Eclipse/Mia 7pc Dining Set, Oak/Grey & Light Grey

207-860OK/247GL Yes

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Set Includes: 1 table & 6 chairs

This beautiful extension table is sure to start a conversation or two. The geometric build on the pedestal base continues up through the thick beveled table top. A handy pull-apart function allows for easy self-storage of the butterfly leaf, making this table as versatile as it is stylish. Staying true to its mid-century modern style, this dining chair is composed of a myriad of contrasting materials. By incorporating metal, fabric, and solid wood all into one cohesive design, there is a focus on functional use while a polished and streamlined appearance is highlighted. The solid rubberwood legs create the perfect base.

Contemporary design
2" thick table top and double prism pedestal base
Self-storing butterfly extension table
Washed oak PVC veneer with visible wood grain detail
Dimensions: 63(+23.50) x 35.50 x 30

Mid-century modern styling
Sturdy metal chair frame, foam seat cushion, upholstered in a light grey fabric
Solid rubberwood legs in a washed grey finish
Approximate weight capacity is 250 lbs; seat height is 18.5"
Dimensions: 19.75 x 22.50 x 34.25

Additional Information
Collection: ECLIPSE/MIA
Assembly Required: Yes
Assembled Dimensions: See PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
Assembled Product Weight (lbs): 216.76
Commercial/Hospitality Use: No
Small Parcel Shippable: No
Total Cubic Feet: 43.45
Total Gross Weight (lbs): 314.17
Number of Cartons: 6
Carton 1 Length": 66
Carton 1 Width/Depth": 39
Carton 1 Height": 7
Carton 2 Length": 42
Carton 2 Width/Depth": 21
Carton 2 Height": 3
Carton 2 Gross Weight (lbs): 46.3
Carton 3 Length": 39
Carton 3 Width/Depth": 25
Carton 3 Height": 14
Carton 3 Gross Weight (lbs): 32
Carton 4 Length": 24
Carton 4 Width/Depth": 22
Carton 4 Height": 21
Carton 4 Gross Weight (lbs): 19.8
Carton 5 Length": 24
Carton 5 Width/Depth": 22
Carton 5 Height": 21
Carton 5 Gross Weight (lbs): 19.8
Carton 6 Length": 24
Carton 6 Width/Depth": 22
Carton 6 Height": 21
Carton 6 Gross Weight (lbs): 19.8


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Marble-top tables make for some of the most elegant furnishings in homes. This natural stone derived from calcium has a beautiful white tone with natural patterns on it which make it unique. In addition to its beauty, marble is also known for its durability and if cared for appropriately, it can last for years to come. Considered fairly easy to maintain, Marble surfaces can be cared for with these few easy steps.

Preventive Care

  • Clean/Blot spills immediately as marble is porous and can be stained especially by acidic substances like coffee, fruit juices, wine
  • Clean regularly after use with a damp cloth soaked and wrung in clean water. Avoid using cleaning solutions daily.
  • Marble is a soft stone and is subject to scratching and etching. Avoid placing cutlery, and sharp objects directly on the surface. We recommend using placemats, trivets and coasters at all
  • Do not use store bought all-purpose cleaners that contain acidic or alkalic components. They tend to stain and cosmetically damage the marble. Instead, use a dedicated marble cleaner for your
  • We also recommend against the use of acidic natural cleaners like vinegar, lemon, ammonia or orange best They’re very likely to stain your marble top.

Annual Sealing

  • Once a year, it is recommended that you use a dedicated marble sealer. Since marble is porous, water and other liquids may seep through if the sealer coating ceases to exist. Thus, once a year it is recommended that you use a sealer coating to give your marble surface a protective layer.