Gamfield Lantern

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  • Tabletop Lantern

    Measuring 6.0" long by 6.0" wide by 13.0" high, this is the (just right) medium piece in the Gamfield lantern series. 

  • Metal and Glass Construction

    The Gamfield's clear glass panels are encased in a grid-like metal frame to resemble Crittal-style doors. The hinged front panel, secured by a sliding pin, swings open easily to place and remove candles and other ornaments. 

  • Distressed Black Metal Finish with Silver Undertones

    A black and silver metal patina gives the Gamfield raw industrial appeal. *As each piece is unique in how it accepts the finishing process, slight variations in color, character and tone should be anticipated. Some pieces may be more distressed than others. 

  • Versatile Ambiance

    Use as a standalone feature or group together for a striking focal point. Create soft interior ambiance or evening patio lighting. Change candles for an easy style update or to incorporate into seasonal décor. There are so many ways to use the Gamfield! *Do not leave outdoors as the metal will rust. 

  • Industrial Inspired Design

    With its factory window vibe and unpolished finish, the Gamfield would be right at home in an urban downtown loft.