Haden Dining Chair

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  • 19" Seat Height Dining Chair

    With a seat height of 19", the Haden I measures a total of 19" wide by 33.3" high. 

  • Superior Finish

    In addition to sturdy construction, the Haden I also flaunts a superior, medium brown stain that highlights the grain and variation in the wood used and complements the cream-toned upholstery. 

  • Sturdy Ashwood Frame

    The Haden I is braced by a four-legged, Ashwood frame that ensures exceptional stability and sturdiness. 

  • Elegant/Farmhouse Inspired Design

    Prudently designed to suit most elegant or farmhouse inspired styled spaces, the Haden I dining chair flaunts an open-back design that complements its upholstery-on-wood construction. 

  • No Assembly Required

    Delivered pre-assembled, the Haden I is ready to turn heads in your space as soon as it arrives at your doorstep.