Larkin End/Side Table

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The Larkin Nesting Tables is a versatile duo consisting of one elegant white marble top and one smooth dark brown mango wood top, supported by a triangular matte black iron frame. The combination of materials and finishes adds a contemporary visual appeal, allowing them to be integrated into various design styles. 

Comprising of a 24" high table that features an elegant white marble top and a 20" high table that sports a natural brown polished, mango wood top, the Larking II is a set of two beautiful nesting tables that is guaranteed to add a touch of panache to your space. The two tables are supported by an exceptionally stable and sturdy, triangular iron frame finished in a matte-black tone that complements the design of this set. The Larkin II, thanks to a juxtaposition of materials and finishes, looks gorgeous in spaces based on the Mercana Modern and Enduring Elegance design styles. 


  • Two Sizes

    A set of two tables in two different sizes. The largest measures 16.0"L x 16.0"W x 24.0"H, while the smallest measures 16.0"L x 16.0"W x 20.25"H. 

  • Solid Wood and Marble Construction

    These mixed media nesting tables feature tripod-shaped, iron frames beneath simple round tops, one made from solid Mango wood, the other from genuine marble. 

  • Light Brown and White Finish

    The white marble top has creamy undertones with gray and beige veining throughout, while the wooden top features a soft, light brown finish. *Marble is a natural material. Each piece has its own beautiful intricacies, and some may carry naturally occurring fissures. Please expect variations in color and texture. 

  • Nested Versatility

    These tables can be stacked or pulled into practical configurations to suit different needs. Nest them together as a bold accent piece, or use them individually to serve in different areas. 

  • Modern Inspired Design

    With a neutral aesthetic, the Larkin side tables have universal appeal that works well across design styles. They work especially well in modern interiors!