Floor Model - Pavia Rectangular Dining Table with Clear Tempered Glass Top

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SKU: SYT15565

Floor Model Display at Coquitlam Location

Pavia Rectangular Dining Table with Clear Tempered Glass Top. This glass top dining table adapts to your evolving dining needs, offering a striking blend of clean angles and sturdy materials. The eye-catching black steel base draws the eyes upward to black steel bars that hoist a floating clear tempered glass top. The large rectangular, clear tempered glass tabletop, gives this dining table an air of elegance.


Width: 63"
Depth: 36"
Height: 30"

Finish: Clear Tempered Glass, Black Powder Coated Steel.

Finish 1: Clear Tempered Glass. Tempered glass refers to glass whose molecular structures change greatly after heated at high temperature (at 650℃, it starts to become soft) and quenched and thus there appears even and strong pressure stress on glass surface as well as even and strong tensile stress inside, to multiple mechanical strength of glass. This kind of glass is regarded as being 4 to 5 times stronger than regular glass of the same thickness. Tempered glass are safety glass. It reduces the risk of injury due to its nature of breaking into small, circular pieces instead of sharp, jagged shards. It is widely applied in places which have high requirements for mechanical strength and safety such as glass door, curtain wall for building, elevation windows, interior partition, furniture, as well as partitions close to sources of heat and places which are subject to severe thermal shock. As heat strengthened glass does not explode by itself, it is widely used in the furniture industry. Suitable Applications: Contract and Residential Environs. Content: Tempered Glass.

Finish 2: Black Powder Coated Steel. The powder coating process is very similar to a painting process except that the “paint” is a dry powder rather than a liquid. The powder coating process involves applying electrostatically a coat of colored pigments made from metal powders to the substrate followed by a clear protective coat for abrasion resistance. Our steel substate can tolerate the heat of curing the powder and be electrically grounded to enhance charged particle attachment. The powder flows and cures during the application of heat. Powder coating is recognized as an environmentally friendly process because it doesn't rely on solvents or chemical carriers like traditional wet-paint systems. Because powder coating relies on the electrostatic charge to hold the paint to the work piece, powder coating eliminates VOC emission problems. Our powder coatings are very resistant to cracking and peeling and provide very high abrasion, corrosion and chemical resistance. Powder coatings meets and exceeds the finish performance characteristics of conventional solvent based wet paint coatings. Suitable Applications: Contract and Residential Environs. Content: High Quality Steel.