Rifton 92" Table  - T1-RF4092
Rifton 92" Table  - T1-RF4092

Rifton 92" Table - T1-RF4092


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This collection bears the patina of reclaimed wood and is accented with distinctive saw marks, exposed rough edges and imperfections that speak to the wood unique characterlook and feel of reclaimed lumberdistressed finish with roughened edges, saw marks and shading10" extension leaf on each endveneer and solidSolid wood in our furniture is made of pieces of genuine hardwood (oak, cherry, rubberwood, etc.) and NO man-made substrates, such as particle board, MDF, or plywood. The lumbers are joined together with non-toxic adhesive and other joinery techniques to form bonds that are stronger than wood itself. Solid hardwood used in our furniture is kilned dried for our harsh Canadian climate to minimize warping and cracking. With solid hardwood construction, our furniture will have the utmost durability and longevity. hardwood constructionready to assembleOur ready to assembly furniture allows us to cut down the transportation cost and pass the savings to you. However, certain components can never achieve the desired rigidity and durability if they are made KD (knock down). This is why the structural frames/components in our furniture are glued and clamped at the factory in the time-honoured tradition. The ready-to-assembly parts are carefully chosen to maximize saving while still providing strong structure to the furniture.

Dimention: 40W x 72/82/92D x 30H (in)


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