Torrance X-Back Stool  - C1-TO45024
Torrance X-Back Stool  - C1-TO45024

Torrance X-Back Stool - C1-TO45024


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This enduring farmhouse style and down home look will captivate all of your dinner guests. With its warmth and elegance, this timeless collection keeps things simple yet versatile.distressed finishbox seatbox seat is constructed with wood blocks that are glued, clamped, and secured with screws in the 4 corners of a seat frame. It ensures that the chairs are rigid and stable for the long term. Lesser chairs are made with side rail construction, which should be avoided. constructionready to assembleOur ready to assembly furniture allows us to cut down the transportation cost and pass the savings to you. However, certain components can never achieve the desired rigidity and durability if they are made KD (knock down). This is why the structural frames/components in our furniture are glued and clamped at the factory in the time-honoured tradition. The ready-to-assembly parts are carefully chosen to maximize saving while still providing strong structure to the furniture.

Dimension: 18W x 22.5D x 42H (in)