3 Facts You Should Know About Relocating Your Coffee Table

3 Facts You Should Know About Relocating Your Coffee Table

Jan 11, 2023Nitin jain

When it comes to relocating your coffee table, there are a few points that you should know before you begin the process. Knowing these facts can help ensure that your coffee table is well-placed and looks great in its new home. 

Here are three points that you should know about relocating your coffee table.

  • The Shape of the Coffee Table is Important

  • The shape of your coffee table is an essential factor to consider when relocating it. You’ll want to ensure that the coffee table's form fits the room’s architecture. Consider the space available, the walls' angles, and the room's overall design. This is because the shape of the coffee table can affect how it fits in its new space. For instance, a round coffee table may do better in a corner than a rectangular one.

    If you’re relocating your coffee table to a new location in the same room, consider the other furniture pieces in the room and the flow of the space.

  • Coffee Tables Is Ideal to be Lower Than the Couch

  • When selecting a new spot for your coffee table, it’s important to remember that it should be lower than the couch. This is because the sofa is the main seating area, and the coffee table should not be too high, or it will be difficult to reach.

    This helps to create a balanced look, as the coffee table serves as an accent piece. It’s also convenient for people to easily access the coffee table while seated on the couch. If you’re relocating the coffee table to a new room, ensure it’s not too high or too low.

  • You can Have Two Coffee Tables

  • Another fact you should know about relocating your coffee table is that you can have two coffee tables. This can be a great option if you want to move the coffee table around more easily. You can have one coffee table in the main seating area and one in a corner or other area of the room.

    If you’re relocating your coffee table to a new room, it’s possible to have two coffee tables. This can be a great way to create a more balanced and symmetrical look in the room. Place two coffee tables in opposing corners for the best effect if you choose to have two coffee tables. Additionally, two tables can be used to create an exciting look. Just measure the room to ensure enough space for two tables.

    Other Dos and Don'ts in Relocating Your Coffee Table

    Here are some tips for moving your coffee table safely and efficiently. 


  • Measure the Area

  • This is where you plan to place your coffee table before you move it. This will also ensure that your coffee table will fit nicely in its new home. 

  • Have a Plan

  • Before you start moving your coffee table, it’s essential to have a plan. Think about where you want to place your coffee table, how you will carry it, and how you will secure it in its new spot. 

  • Use Furniture Sliders

  • Furniture sliders are an easy and effective way to move your coffee table. Simply place the sliders underneath the coffee table and slide them to their new destination. 

  • Get Help

  • Moving a coffee table is much easier with two people. Ask a friend or family representative to help you with the move. 


  • Don’t Try to Lift the Coffee Table by Yourself

  • Coffee tables can be heavy and difficult to lift. Don’t try to move your coffee table by yourself, as this can lead to injuries. 

  • Don’t Drag the Coffee Table

  • Dragging the coffee table can cause damage to your floors. If you have to move the coffee table over a long distance, use furniture sliders to make the task easier. 

  • Don’t Place the Coffee Table in an Awkward Spot

  • Make sure your coffee table is set in a spot that is easy to reach. Avoid placing the coffee table in an area that is hard to access, as this will make it difficult to use. 

  • Don’t Forget to Secure the Coffee Table

  • Ensure your coffee table is connected in its new spot so it won’t move or wobble. Use furniture pads or non-slip mats to ensure your coffee table is stable. 


    Relocating your coffee table can be an exciting project, but knowing the above facts is essential before moving. With some planning and research, you can ensure your coffee table is the perfect fit for your new space.

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