9 Chic Entryway Bench Ideas for a Unique Home Entrance

9 Chic Entryway Bench Ideas for a Unique Home Entrance

May 31, 2023Nitin jain

A stylish and functional entryway bench can transform your home's entrance from a cluttered, uninviting space into a welcoming, organized area. An entryway bench as home furniture offers a comfortable spot for taking off or putting on shoes, provides additional storage options, and creates an inviting atmosphere. 

Here are chic entryway bench ideas to inspire you to create a unique and stylish home entrance.

  • Rustic Wooden Bench

  • A rustic wooden bench is a versatile, timeless choice that adds warmth and texture to any entryway. Choose a bench made from reclaimed wood or a distressed finish to create that authentic farmhouse look. Pair the bench with a jute rug, some woven baskets for storage, and a few cozy throw pillows to complete the rustic ambiance.

  • Mid-Century Modern Bench

  • If you prefer clean lines and minimalist design, a mid-century modern bench will suit your style perfectly. Opt for a sleek wooden bench with tapered legs and a simple, upholstered cushion. Enhance the mid-century vibe by adding a geometric rug, a statement mirror, and potted plants to your entryway.

  • Upholstered Storage Bench

  • An upholstered storage bench is functional and stylish, offering a comfortable seating area and additional storage space for shoes, bags, and other items. Choose a bench with a cushioned top and a hinged lid for effortless access to the storage compartment. You can also find upholstered benches with built-in cubbies or shelves, perfect for organizing your entryway.

  • Industrial Bench with Metal Accents

  • Consider an industrial bench with metal accents for a chic and urban look. This style often combines wood and metal with details like metal legs or frames. Pair the bench with other industrial-style items, such as a metal coat rack and a wire storage basket, to create a cohesive look.

  • Shoe Storage Bench

  • If you have an extensive collection of shoes, a shoe storage bench is a perfect solution for keeping your entryway tidy. Look for a bench with cubbies, shelves, or drawers specifically designed for shoe storage. Opt for a bench with a sleek design and modern finishes to maintain a chic look.

  • Built-In Bench

  • Consider a built-in bench if you have a small entryway or prefer a more streamlined look. This can be as simple as a floating wooden bench attached to the wall or a more elaborate design with built-in storage and coat hooks. A built-in bench creates a seamless look and can ideally be customized to fit your area and storage needs.

  • Window Seat Bench

  • A window seat bench is a charming and cozy addition to any entryway, providing a comfortable spot to relax and enjoy natural light. Choose a bench with storage underneath and add a plush cushion and some throw pillows for comfort. This option is ideal for entryways with large windows or a beautiful view.

  • Vintage or Antique Bench

  • Consider sourcing a vintage or antique bench for a unique and character-filled entryway. This can be a fun and innovative way to incorporate a one-of-a-kind piece into your home. Look for a style that complements your existing décor, whether a classic wooden bench or a more ornate and detailed design. Add some personal touches, such as a vintage rug or an antique mirror, to complete the look.

  • DIY Bench

  • Consider a DIY project if you feel crafty and want a genuinely personalized entryway bench. Countless tutorials are available online for building your bench from scratch or repurposing an existing piece of furniture, such as an old dresser or bookshelf. This is an excellent way to create a custom bench that perfectly suits your style and space.


    Creating a chic and functional entryway bench doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. With some creativity and inspiration from these nine ideas, you can design an entryway bench that will permanently impact your guests while keeping your home organized and inviting. Whether you prefer a rustic, modern, or vintage aesthetic, there's a perfect entryway bench idea for you. 

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