Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Coffee Table

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Coffee Table

Jun 07, 2022Abhishek Gupta

People often think that choosing a coffee table is a simple chore. You can go to the furniture store or find an ideal one online. However, there may be more decisions involved when making this purchase.

Like spending hours picking the right size, fit, and shape for your sofa, you should think more about your coffee table purchase.

A coffee table has a prominent position in your living area after the sofa. In addition to serving as a decorative element, it provides a functional surface on which to set a drink or food and a place to showcase your favorite coffee table books.

Even the most fashionable living space might fall short if you don't buy the right coffee table. This article will run you through some factors to consider in your search for the ideal coffee table.

How Tall Is It?

The height of the coffee table should be your initial consideration. The height of your coffee table should not be higher or lower than 3–8 cm from your sofa seat. Preferably it should be as close as possible to the seat.

Your coffee table will be more functional and more appealing as a result of this modification.

How Long Is It?

The coffee table is always in the center of the living room in most homes. You'll want to leave enough space around that spot to guarantee that you have enough room to walk about.

For walkability, a decent rule of thumb is to leave roughly 43cm between either end of your coffee table and the border of your sofa.

Consider Its Proportions

Don't go too big or too tiny with your coffee table, and make sure it's in proportion to your sofa. Traditionally, your coffee table should be 30 to 45 cm from your couch; any closer or further than that may feel uncomfortable.

Coffee Table Shapes

You may now pick what form of coffee table would best fit your living space once you've determined the proper height and length. Here are some common coffee table shapes to choose from:

Round Tables for an Illusion of Space

A round coffee table is an excellent alternative for a tiny living room since it gives the impression of more space. It's an excellent choice for families since the smooth round sides reduce the risk of someone hurting their head on a sharp corner.

Square Tables to Add Style

A square coffee table might be a smart and elegant solution if you are into contemporary furniture. If your sofa is relatively large, it may be too small for your living room. You may always place two square ones side by side to balance out your area.

Rectangular Tables for More Surface Area

A rectangle coffee table is the most common choice since it provides a lot of surface area. It will fit into most living rooms, but especially long and narrow ones.

Oval Tables for Balance

Another excellent family-friendly choice is an oval coffee table. The edge of your sofa might be beautifully balanced with an oval table. The Glam Oval coffee table has the same design as a rectangle coffee table, but it will soften a more angular or futuristic sofa.


The right coffee table can be a significant decorating and functional asset for your living room. It's an ideal place to set your morning cup of coffee or to place a fresh floral arrangement. Your coffee table should be an excellent companion piece to your sofa and reflect your taste and personality.

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