How to Find the Perfect Coffee Table for Your Space - A Guide.

How to Find the Perfect Coffee Table for Your Space - A Guide.

Sep 02, 2020Accents Home

The coffee table is an important item in your living room. It serves as a storage space for your various objects, such as TV remote controls, magazines, candles, photo frames, flower vases, and more. Also, it helps create a flow of traffic and balance the proportions of your room. 

Choosing a coffee table can seem easy at first, but with the various options and factors to consider, this can be daunting and challenging. To help you find the perfect coffee table for your space, feel free to use this as your guide.

  • Choose the materials carefully

  • Your material can dictate the strength, durability, and lifespan of your coffee table. When picking a table, consider your preferences, space, theme, and lifestyle. For instance, glass can seem aesthetically pleasing, but this can be a bad idea if you have small children at home. Moreover, while wood is an excellent choice, explore your options until you find the perfect one that suits you best.

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  • Consider your lifestyle and needs

  • Another factor you need to consider when shopping for a coffee table is your needs and lifestyle. Take into account if you need a lot of storage, you want to put your feet up when watching TV, or you invite friends and family members all the time and want a comfortable piece to gather around. There is a suitable piece for your every preference, so make sure to look around and see all options that are waiting for you to be discovered.

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  • Take the shape into account 

  • Your coffee table’s shape is a major aesthetic concern, but it can also affect the furniture’s functionality. Some common coffee table shapes are square, rectangle, round, and oval, and choosing the right one is important since it affects the clearance.

    Generally, your coffee table should be at least 12-18 inches away from your sofa. Otherwise, your furniture may feel uncomfortably close or far. Because of this, make sure to know your clearance rules and calculate at least 24-30 inches to leave enough room and ensure your comfort and convenience. 

    In addition, the height of your coffee table should be the same as your cushions. As for the ideal furniture width, measure the length between your TV and sofa and subtract around 42 inches. 


    The perfect coffee table for your home lets you leave a lasting impression to your guests, boosts your comfort, and improves your quality of life. Keep in mind the tips mentioned above when buying one and shop only at a reliable furniture store.

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