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Ficus Tree Faux Plant 170cm/ 67"

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SKU: Y8035-16-2PS

SKU: Y8035-16-2PS

An artificial olive tree will liven up any space with true-to-life beauty and sophisticated colour. Create a tropical-like atmosphere with perfectly trimmed almost natural green foliage. From a single trunk and split into several stems, the olive tree aesthetic is appropriate for any home or workspace.
  • The glossy touch, the vivid color, and the stem are not easy to damage.
  • The color of branches and trunks are dealt with the care that it's very realistic
  • In order to improve the simulation, we usually use natural materials to decorate some sections, such as using moss on the pots

170 cm/67"
100 cm/ 40"
Net Weight
5.5 kg / 13lbs
Packing Size
200*38*20 cm/ 80*15*8"

Delivery box dimensions: 80*15*8